Irresistibly cute!


My daughter and grandson are staying for a few days with us at the moment.
Life is busy.
My daughter arrived looking like she was moving back home carrying in armfuls of toys, prams,bags and more bags, cots, more toys…
This baby has only been on the earth for three and a half months and already he needs his own crew and moving van when he travels!

Ahh, I have forgotten the days…the time and attention these little people demand.
I don’t miss it though. 😉
To be honest I don’t know how I DID it. Four children….what was I thinking?
I admit, I was mad. (we were mad!)
Something must have got me/us through it though.

It must have something to do with that look I see in my grandsons eyes when he looks at his mother.
It’s pure adoration and trust.
It’s love.
It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. That connection between mother and child. My child and HER child.

I know my daughter has had a hard time.
It’s been stressful and complicated but I have absolute faith that she (they – her and her partner) will do their best -the best that they know how, and inevitably will learn and KNOW more as time unfolds. (that’s all we can ever do!)

We all make mistakes as parents.
We all stumble our way through relationships, learning and growing as we do.
None of us are perfect. There is no exact “right way” for anything in life.
Mostly it’s about trusting that gut feeling….following instincts and……asking for help and guidance when everything becomes too complicated (or painful) to fathom out on your own.

The rewards come.
Sometimes they take some time, they ALWAYS take hard work, but they will/do come.
This is what I’ve learned.
Nothing worth having ever comes easily, without effort.
Things that are worth having are never the things handed to you on a silver platter.
You almost always have to sacrifice “something” in order to have the things that mean the most to you on a deeper level.

I’m rambling.

Babies have magic powers.
They make you grin like a fool, babble silly things just to see another impossibly wide drooley gummy smile.
I keep saying “I’m not a person who goes all ga ga over babies.” and yet my grandson keeps grinning at me determined to prove me wrong.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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2 Responses to Irresistibly cute!

  1. This is is gorgeous. I love the pic of his little serious face- then KAPOW his little face lights up – a lovely little man that WILL melt your heart whether you think so or not!! 🙂 I so remember the amount of ‘crap’ that I carted, till I I would a buy a 2nd of everything and just leave it at my parents to make it easier. How beautiful for you to watch the connection between your child and her child – something I wait for. Nicely written post girl.

  2. desertrose7 says:

    i know, he pulls the funniest expressions. My daughter has taken so many pic’s that I reckon with the right caption would win so many funny photo competitions, lol!
    Already half the “crap” is being planned to be left here. Where I will put it all I don’t know! lol!

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