The cleansing.

White sage

It’s been quite a few weeks since the lovely ladies came to the house and did a “cleansing”….
If you haven’t already read in previous posts , no I haven’t employed housekeepers (I wish!) it’s been a problem of the “other worldly” kind.

I have been reluctant to discuss the cleansing, or the subsequent results for fear of jinxing myself, but I think enough time has passed for me to be able to talk about it now. (Knocking frantically on wood!)

If I’m to be honest, and you may not believe me, but I am just as skeptical as most.
When people tell me about their “ghostly” experiences, I am amazed, fascinated, yet in my mind I am scrabbling for all kinds of rational explanations, as most people would.

When you’re not THERE, experiencing something that defies all laws of rationality, it’s hard to fully “believe” it.
But when you ARE there, well, sometimes it’s STILL hard to believe it….

The very last thing that happened here was the incident with my daughter and the heat gun lifting itself off the bench, hanging in mid air as if clutched by some invisible hand, and dropping down onto the bench, which sent her running from the room in shock.

In fact, that incident really had me concerned because we make candles you see, downstairs….
In my mind I was thinking, well if “something’ can do THAT, down there….what else could it do?
Could it flip the switches on the wall where our wax melter’s are plugged in?
That would be catastrophic. Unattended combustible substances….unseen hands flipping switches and turning things on when we’re not down there….watching.
What other mischievous things could this….”thing”, or “things” do?

Things were just getting TOO weird. This is why a cleansing was called for.

It wasn’t a dramatic affair. No theatrics, very quiet actually. Just the focused intentions of these women, walking from room to room, calmly sending these spirits, entities, presences, energies, whatever you would like to call them, off….away…..ON their way.

Apparently there were a few. Mostly children, and they were all downstairs!
One very lost old man, and one incredibly sad, traumatized adolescent “spirit”.
That last one had one of the ladies in tears…quite startlingly emotional she was.
I didn’t quite know how to react, but I felt bad for her.

Afterwards I did my own “thing”…..burned some sage and went from room to room wishing (mumbling banishing words) for the peaceful energy to be restored….for whatever that was here, to be gone….

And it WORKED!

I was skeptical about it working. I really was.
How could it work?
Even now I’m asking…..How DID it work?
I don’t know?
But it did.
There was one single event that followed after the cleansing.

I was sitting in the lounge room and I heard heavy footsteps walking up the steps to the front door outside.
I didn’t hear the screen door open, so I knew it wasn’t one of the kids coming home early…
The bell didn’t ring so it wasn’t an unexpected visitor.
I thought perhaps it was a delivery person putting a parcel outside the front door, so I got up and went to look.
There was nobody there….no parcel, not a person anywhere in sight.
I KNOW that sound of someone walking up the front stairs.
I hear it all the time….In fact I can almost pick who’s footsteps they are. My husbands are always heavy, stomping.
In fact, these I heard that day were heavy too…..sounded like a man’s steps.

I stood there looking through the glass of the front door and immediately did what had been suggested….envisioned a barrier, and in my mind, I sent “whatever it was”…away.
No! My mind said.
“You are not welcome!”
(Bloody hell….GO AWAY ghosts! This is not a spiritual halfway house! Was what I was really thinking!)

And since that day…..nothing.
Not a footstep, not a creak, not a whisper of anything.
Even the cat has been behaving himself. No more strange saucer eyed spooky staring episodes, and definitely nothing playing silly buggers with him!

It just “feels” different in the house.
I wouldn’t say in an obvious way…..Not like there’s all rainbows and sparkles or anything.
It feels, I guess, just neutral again..instead of being slightly charged… Ever so slightly “off”.
That’s the only way I can put it.

So, whatever all that was….whether we were having joint familial hallucinations….Whether we were just freaking ourselves out….Whether it was something unexplained , but not necessarily “other worldly”, I just don’t know.
The only thing that matters now, is that everything is “ok”.

Oh and one last thing, that happened that day which was rather strange….
Immediately after the cleansing, the ladies were standing outside on the driveway, chatting… ( I was inside waving my stinky sage around… and mumbling….)
The daughter of one of them from a few houses down had joined them too.
I didn’t know about it at the time, but apparently as they stood there, ……here…..smack bang in the middle of suburbia, they all saw a red fox run down the street in front of my house.
Even they couldn’t believe their eyes apparently.
How weird….a fox, in broad daylight, running down a suburban street, past people!
Just plain odd.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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9 Responses to The cleansing.

  1. Miriam E. says:

    oh, you are brave to blog about this… i bow my head to you.
    i, too, practice shamanism and have done more than a couple of cleansings to this day. it is incredibly hard to believe that there are entities out there that we don’t know about, isn’t it? it took me a looong time to start believing in spirits – it’s so hard for our limited minds to comprehend. we can’t see them, really… we can’t really feel them – they’re just shadows in the corners of our eyes. when i talk about this, most people think i’m crazy, so i keep it to myself.

    it looks like your home was a ‘spirit magnet’ – did any of the ‘cleansing ladies’ find out why? i am curious – because usually, there is a story behind these happenings.
    most ‘haunting’ spirits aren’t bad… they just lost their way, or have unfinished business. i hope they were sent on their way… properly. 🙂

    keep your barriers up and remind the spirits (should any come knocking), that your home is not a place for them. it’s your private space.

    thank you for sharing this – i don’t see it often, that people talk about encounters with spirits… because society dictates: they are simply not there.
    think again…

  2. desertrose7 says:

    Thanks Miriam. I find it fascinating that you are into all this stuff too. I’m so glad that you understand!
    I really don’t care if people think I’m crazy, or if they don’t believe in the spirit world or think I’m just “making stuff up”.
    You KNOW when you experience it that you have encountered something not of this world. Sometimes it’s best just kept to yourself, but then again, sometimes I think it’s worth sharing so other people can feel less “crazy” about what they’ve experienced.

    My theory on this house is that the people who lived here before (my friend) well, she especially is very spiritual, but also a magnet in herself. She is SOOOO positive, it’s like she shines out a light that everyone is attracted to. Trust me…you spend ten minutes talking to her and she makes you feel like you are SO talented, beautiful, amazing, worthwhile….She truly has a gift for healing peoples souls.
    Her husband and daughter both worked at a hospital near here. It is principally a psychiatric hospital, but there are other areas too for developmentally disabled etc.
    I believe her daughter is also a “magnet”. (the daughter experienced quite a few things when she lived here.)
    When I say magnet I believe these are people that those from the other side are drawn to, as well as the living.
    Now, MY daughter, and myself too, I believe are very open to otherworldly encounters…, possibly it’s a case of this house being a place where spiritual activity was likely to be found because of just the right energy being put out by the people before…which then attached itself to US.
    Not really the house itself being “haunted” but the energies coming FROM this house?
    Like moths to a flame…
    A loose theory I know, but it’s all I can think of that seems to make sense to me.

    • Miriam E. says:

      oh, it makes perfect sense.
      perfect sense.

      there are some among us who have the barriers ‘lowered’ – and spirits like to attach to them… because they can ‘listen’ – if they want to. hell, i would be pissed if i was a spirit and had no one to talk to!
      just keep reminding them that your house is no longer accessable for them. it is yours now – and shall remain so.

  3. I have spoken to two spirits now – or should I say they have spoken to me or become visual too me, I am open to and in agreement with Miriam that you need to tell them to move on, if they come back. Where I attend the Medium classes, sometimes we have to cleanse the hall as spirit does not like the emptiness. I am learning so much and it is totally fascinating. As long as they are good and not evil…than I wouldn’t worry too much. Interesting about them being children..I would want to know how and when??? I am going to write another tonight, about my last experiences. 🙂 Loved hearing about this girl. xx

    • desertrose7 says:

      Look forward to reading more about your medium experiences. (Got my daughter and grandson visiting at the moment so I might not be online for any length of time for a few days.)
      The psychic “see-er” lady reckons the children are/were developmentally disabled….Maybe from the psychiatric hospital at some point.
      My daughter told me she had sensed the presence of an old man….especially in her bedroom, “staring at her” while she was in bed.
      Interesting that during the cleansing the psychic lady sent off an old man who was lost….
      Anyway, nice that they are gone to where they are supposed to be, (hopefully) which is not here.

  4. Look, I’m as sceptical as you, but I already know you are a sensible and intelligent women not given to hysteria so I take what you say at face value. Given that, I am left with nothing but admiration for the way you faced up to your fears, that ‘other’ presence, whatever it was, and cleansed your house of unnecessary attention

    • desertrose7 says:

      🙂 Sensible and intelligent. I don’t think I have been called that before 😉
      But yes….well, sometimes unusual situations call for unusual solutions.
      I am pleased and the house is quiet.
      That’s all that matters at the moment.

  5. annewoodman says:

    Do you feel a little bit lonely now? I know the types of experiences you describe, but the kind I’ve seen are pretty isolated, not a continued house haunting kind of thing. I’m glad things are quiet… minus the fox. For the first time ever, we had a fox run right past a front window while we were eating dinner a couple of weeks ago! I guess they aren’t as rare as I’d thought!

    • desertrose7 says:

      Not at all lonely. Relieved. 🙂
      Yeah I guess the fox thing is a sign that we are encroaching far too much on the territories of once wild and elusive creatures. I’ve only seen dead ones by the side of the road before.
      But I did google the significance of seeing s fox 😉 They are apparently regarded as spiritual guides in some beliefs.
      Others just say they’re pests. 🙂

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