Vinegar eels and cheese mites!

Apple cider vinegar

Recently I told my sister she should try drinking apple cider vinegar every day in order to ease her tummy issues.
Apple cider vinegar is very good for maintaining good digestive health and can help with bloating, by balancing the ph levels and encouraging friendly bacterial growth.
Apple cider vinegar can be used to aid weight loss as it stabilises blood sugar levels.
It can break up mucus within the body, cleanse the lymph nodes and promote better lymphatic circulation which can therefore help with the body’s immune system response.
It is said to be helpful for the skin when used topically (I can attest to this as it really does fade age spots!) Can clear acne, reduce the appearance of spider veins…

It can be used in your hair to help remove product build up, and is helpful for reducing dandruff.

It can even be used as a wart remover.

Magic stuff!
Tastes disgusting but…magic stuff.

You have to buy the organic type though “with the mother in it”, as this is the sort that has not been refined and is full of the health benefits.
The other stuff you may as well just used as a cleaning product.

This confused my sister and she went searching for a bottle in the supermarket with a pregnant woman on the label (So she told me)
This made me laugh and I tried to explain that “the mother” is this slightly congealed cloudy “thing” in the bottle. Kind of like a sediment.

So , I have been using Apple cider vinegar for a while now, mainly on my face, but when I remember to I drink a few tablespoons every now and then.

Now, just the other night I was watching a documentary about invisible worlds….
I like that sort of stuff.
Well, I did up until they started talking about “Vinegar eels” and ‘Cheese mites”

Yep, turns out that vinegar contains microscopic little weeny wormy eel like things…like LIVING squirmy things!
So small that the human eye can’t see them, but still…that kinda grossed me out. But I figured, well they are so tiny that if I can’t see them….well, what you can’t see can’t hurt /freak you outright?
What grossed me out MORE was the mention of cheese mites!
Yep, we’re not talking about the vege- mite or pro -mite, nor even the mar-mite family here….we’re talking actual tiny crawly mites that live on CHEESE!
I love cheese!
Now I’m eating bugs too?

I found it disturbingly interesting for a moment then plain forgot about it.
Until the other day when I decided to google “Vinegar eels”.

You know what I found out?
Some fish breeders actually breed vinegar eels to feed to their baby fish!
And the article I read said that these eels can grow up to 3mm in length.
HEY….that’s not SO microscopic now is it?
And….from what I can gather, these eels are IN Apple cider vinegar!
Hell, I “think” that’s what the “mother” is.
Mama eel…..
Baby eels….
They actually BREED in the vinegar!
EELS that I have been drinking and slapping on my face!
Oh my LORD!

Immediately I tipped the remainder of my bottle of vinegar into a wine glass and began studying it.
I even got a magnifying glass.
My daughter reckoned she saw “something” in it.
To be honest, I couldn’t and for once I was thankful my eyes are going.
I just don’t wanna think about squirmy living wormy things in my vinegar, thankyouverymuch!

Now, cheese?
I’m not even going to try.
Cheddar apparently has these ‘cheese mites”.
I’m going to live in denial though.
After all, yoghurt has live bacteria doesn’t it?

WE have bacteria inside us all….in our mouths, noses, stomachs….on our skin even, most of it good and helpful ‘friendly” stuff.

There is a reason God made our eyes the way he did.
To see only what we can DEAL with.

I don’t think I should tell my sister about the vinegar eels, what do you reckon?
She has the same LEECH phobia as me.
I think the eels would turn her off.

Just our little secret ok?

Enjoy your vinegar dressing!
But blow the dust off your cheese….it could be teeming with mites.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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10 Responses to Vinegar eels and cheese mites!

  1. I never knew about the apple cider vinegar – how interesting. I especially like the idea that it can help you lose weight and reduce bloating. I am in awe that used topically it can help fade age spots and spider veins – I am going to purchase! As far as having to drink it with creep crawlies swimming in it….not so impressed. I am glad you advised what ‘the mother’ thing is, as that had me baffled.I’m ok with slapping eels on my face, but not so much having them inside of me. The cheese? I love my cheese, is it ALL cheese? No I wouldn’t be telling your sister about the eels…keep it a secret 😉

    • desertrose7 says:

      No I don’t think it’s all cheese. I read about cheddar and that cheese that has the red skin on it?
      Apple cider vinegar is amazing. Most of us are too “acidic” leading to overgrowth of candida in our guts.
      I think the problem today is that so much of our food is over processed and by doing that it robs it of all the beneficial nutrients that we need.
      I won’t be telling my sister 🙂
      PS….my daughter googled and for best results for spider veins you need to drink it as well as use it topically. I’m just closing my eyes and swallowing it like medicine……which is exactly what it is!

  2. I think I might give that a try. I drink a lot of fresh lemon water on occasion which also helps my stomach and general sense of being clean

  3. Ralph says:

    Most cheeses use bacteria to help age the cheese. The blue cheese is a good example. But eels in vinegar ? Now that is a new one on me. Back to eating my doughnut 😉 Ralph xox 😀

    • desertrose7 says:

      We simply have to do something about your eating habits Ralph. (Damn…now *I* feel like a doughnut!”)

      • Ralph says:

        So you feel like a doughnut Tracy ?? You may not “look” like a doughnut but I am sure that you are sweet with a soft squidgy centre 😉

      • desertrose7 says:

        Yes and my middle is getting squidgier by the day. Ask the cat. He seems to think I’m like dough that requires a LOT of kneading. (Best I stay away from the doughnuts I think.)

  4. Um, cant I just drink a G and Tonic each day, kept the bugs away when I lived in Papua New Guinea….! 😉

    Trust all is well, how is the song writing going??

    • desertrose7 says:

      Well, it probably tastes better, I must admit. 🙂

      Slow on the songwriting front… muse has gone walkabout…or maybe I’ve just pickled it temporarily?

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