Simply red


I dressed myself in red today. Red top, red sloppy cardigan, and a red (with a few other colours in it) fluffy scarf.
I’ve been wearing a dark purple top and black long sloppy cardigan for almost a week now.
Yeah, I know that sounds gross. I HAVE showered, I don’t smell! It’s winter here and I have been literally couch bound, doing NOTHING……nothing at all, not because it’s winter. I love winter, for the record.

I’ve just been doing nothing at all because, well…. I’ve honestly had NO energy and I think I’ve slid into a state of depression.
Sneaky bloody bugger it is….Creeps up on you and before you know it you’re writing on facebook….
“Depression is like walking through life with a condom on your soul.”
Terribly uplifting, I know.
I’m just a barrel of non ribbed fun.

Anyway, so this morning I decided to change something….namely my clothes.
I decided upon red because to me it’s the colour of PASSION and ENERGY and GUSTO!
God knows I need some gusto!
Every time I caught sight of myself in the mirror, or glass I felt startled seeing all the RED.
It’s difficult, I have decided, to wear red when you are feeling so……grey.
But there must be something IN all this colour therapy stuff because I actually sat down and was able to stay focused for quite a few hours piecing together a song.
I didn’t finish it….I’ve done well enough for one day.

I know it’s all just a chemical imbalance….or something.
Hormones….low iron….a dicky thyroid. Talk about a triple whammy!
I know this will pass, and I will get back to feeling “myself” again.

I woke up at three am. Totally wide awake.
Got up and finished bits and pieces of the washing up that I was too tired to finish after dinner.
I figured I SHOULD, because the rule is in this house that if it’s your turn to do the washing up and you leave anything till the morning then you have to wash up the next night.
Suffice to say my fourteen year old son has been on “kitchen duty” for almost two weeks straight!
Child slavery he calls it.
I call it tough titties.

Hey, I’m going on a cruise next month.
No cooking or washing up for me for nine whole days!
How awesome is that!
I’m going with a friend…..leaving hubby to deal with the kids, and animals, and life here…
Going to the pacific islands. Doesn’t that sound EXOTIC!
In the middle of winter….but who cares. I can’t stand the heat anyway.
I just hope my friend doesn’t snore because there won’t be any couch in another room to escape to.

I’ve never been on a cruise before, ever. And no, I won’t be watching The Poseidon Adventure, or Titanic, as hubby kindly suggested….
Truth be told I’m a little nervous…. Not as nervous as flying makes me, but still…..a big ship in the middle of a HUGE ocean….The thought makes me slightly anxious.

It will be fine though.

A few weeks ago a young couple fell overboard from a cruise ship. They were never found.
I’ve decided I won’t go anywhere near the railings….not unless I tie some rope around my waist first.
I also won’t leave my drink unattended…. There was that story of a woman a few years ago who had her drink spiked…she died.
I’ve heard that a cruise ship is the perfect place to carry out a murder.
Hey, it’s happened! Push them over the side and who’s to know?
So I’d better not piss my friend off, or anyone else for that matter.

I don’t know if I get seasick?
I will take plenty of sea sickness tablets, just in case, but I’m a bit nervous about taking those because I read that some people can hallucinate if they take them.
All I need.
Maybe that’s why so many people fall off cruise ships?

I’m just kidding.
I’m really not THAT nervous…..but my brain does think of all kinds of scenarios.
It’s just how I’m wired and obviously the reason why I never do really exciting things like jump out of airplanes, or climb tall mountains.
I just like to get my excitement in much smaller doses doing much safer things.

I’m not sure how to end this now…..obviously my red clothes are wearing off.
I started writing with gusto…but now I’m just waffling.

So anyway, remember….if you’re feeling a bit blue….try some RED.
That’s pretty lame…but hey….I’m TRYING!

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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7 Responses to Simply red

  1. Want to know something I like your waffling – your grey mood is because of all the little quirky bodily dysfunctions. Red doesn’t suit everybody so wear it with pride and it seems as if it worked with your new found energy. It is awesome that you are going on a Cruise – they aren’t my cup of tea – not because I think Titanic but because I know I would be bored easily. Try to relax you will be fine! You made me chuckle quite a bit with this post – so wear red and continue the waffling as I enjoyed 🙂

  2. Ralph says:

    I love this song and I bet you look fantastic in red. Ralph xox 😀

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