They’re coming to take them away…..

Tomorrow I hope to be rid of these pesky ghosts that are in my house.
Really, honestly I’m tired of waking up to something banging on my bed head, tired of things bumping the back of my chair, when I’m downstairs, alone in my music room…
Sick of wondering if I’m crazy, seeing things darting about from the corner of my eyes…

I know I’m not crazy, but you FEEL crazy….when you see the cat running down the hallway into your room and mid stride you see him being jerked backward, by some invisible hand seemingly pulling his tail……
Less crazy though when someone else saw it WITH you!

I know, I know, you’re reading this thinking…”this woman’s a nut case….hysterical, it’s all in her head…” and I wouldn’t blame you, especially if you’ve been following my blog because I know I do think, and write a LOT of nutty stuff.

I’m a little bit angry at my husband though because all he ever says is “Well….*I* haven’t seen anything!”
So, if HE hasn’t seen it himself, then it’s just not happening.

We once interviewed a guitarist, someone to join our band at the time.
This guy walked in the house and IMMEDIATELY I knew there was something a little “off” about him.
I don’t know….just a sense you get about a person…

My husband started nattering, as he does….in his own world…
After about fifteen minutes of talking to this guy, who had ALREADY introduced himself at the front door, he suddenly …reintroduces himself…” Hi, I’m Steve…” Like put’s his hand out to shake hands…
You know, my husband didn’t even NOTICE? Just kept on nattering.
Then, after a while, (My husband and I were both smokers….there was an ashtray….we’d BEEN smoking, he’d SEEN us smoking….) the guys says.
“Is it ok if I smoke?”
Again, weird….
Then he starts telling us how he’s getting his pilot’s license….I’m thinking….”Hey ho, this is not GOOD….Please do not ever fly any plane *I* am on!”

After he’d left my husband was bubbling with excitement, full of praise….”What a brilliant guitarist!” (He was….could copy a song straight off, and WELL…knew all the chord changes the first time he heard something….amazing!)
I said to my husband, incredulously….”Did you not notice that the guy is really ODD?”
Nope….not a clue.
“What do you mean….odd?”
My husband didn’t pick up a thing, not a vibe, not a squidgeon of “….hmm, something weird going on here….”
He just doesn’t have that gut instinct….intuition.
Totally black and white!

I decided to do some detective work.
Phoned this guys last place of employment, just to you know….check him out (he WAS a brilliant guitarist.)
The person I spoke to said he was mad as a hatter….
He worked as a kitchen hand….they’d seen him “sliding around on the floor on his backside”.

We didn’t hire him for our band.

Another time hubby and I went to a local pub for a drink…..sat in the beer garden.
I kept glancing at a table of people not too far from us. I just sensed that something was going to happen.
They weren’t being overly rowdy, nor did they seem overly drunk, but there was just a vibe coming from the group that made me uncomfortable.
Over the loud music I tried to tell my husband that I wanted to move….go inside…
He couldn’t hear me…. was completely oblivious to anything going on around him.
Suddenly one of the men jumped up and tried to run across all the tables…Glasses went flying, smashed, the table tipped and he fell into the people, who fell off their chairs….
I don’t know.
I guess I just am more in tune with my gut instincts.
The only gut instinct my husband appears to have is for FOOD.

So….when he says to me “Well, *I* haven’t seen anything GHOSTY!”, it just makes me cranky.
No, of course not dear.
You could have an axe murderer, the blade dripping with blood, a severed head in his hand standing in front of you and you still wouldn’t twig that anything was amiss.

This evening I was downstairs making candles. I had been using the heat gun when I needed to go back upstairs to get something.
My daughter was down there talking to me…
I left her for a moment to duck upstairs and when I went to return I met her at the front door looking completely freaked out.
She was babbling about the “thing that lifted up in the air and fell on the table…..”
I didn’t know what “thing” she was talking about, and I had stuff to finish so I ushered her back down with me trying to work out exactly what she was trying to tell me.

When she calmed down a little she explained that a few seconds after I’d left the room, the heat gun, which had been standing up on it’s end where I left it, had suddenly lifted off the bench…turned sideways, about 20 cm above the bench, as though some unseen hand was holding it, and then it dropped..with a bang, onto the metal bench.
She got such a shock that she jumped up and ran out of there…
I know she left in a hurry because she kicked over a container of water that was on the floor (I’d rescued/contained a neighbours dog earlier and gave it some water in there.)

I know my daughter….she might exaggerate and embellish things sometimes, (don’t we all at times?) but she doesn’t make stuff up and she can’t fake being frightened…and she was frightened!
I was concerned.
This is all getting a bit too much to deal with now.

So, tomorrow some kind ladies are coming to take them all away…..somehow…and that is a good thing, because if this keeps up, they’ll be coming to take ME away…….ha ha , hee hee, hoo hoo…..

New look Tracy

That’s me, having a moment of weirdness with a wig in the kitchen, last night in fact.
Yep, I’m just nuts.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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13 Responses to They’re coming to take them away…..

  1. Haha ! You pull off that wig well ! And good god, if I were to live in that house I’d have buried myself in the yard how many years earlier. The only usefulness of guys with no gut instincts is when you’re watchig a horror movie and they tell you it’s spaghetti.

    • desertrose7 says:

      The thing is….I love the house. Love the view….love the street….
      You would never guess, looking at it that this stuff is going on. It’s not the slightest bit spooky looking, not even spooky “feeling”, until you start experiencing these weird things.
      I bought the wig to add to my collection.
      I think I’m getting a bit of a wig fetish.

  2. Ralph says:

    Are your hands and the soles of your feet normally orange Tracy, and get hot when things are happening ?

    • desertrose7 says:

      lol! I noticed the orange palms too Ralph.
      Maybe I have an orange aura?

      • Ralph says:

        I asked you this because I lived with a companion for 20 years, died last year, who was very spiritual and in touch with the good guys. If something was happening her hands and feet turned orange and got exceedingly hot. Hot enough to heat a crystal up that another person could not hold. We experienced dozens of events which became normal to us. Such as entering an Olde English Tea Room/Bar in southern England and the ambiance was like dark treacle. It had just been refitted with modern glass shelves etc.and the girl behind the counter ran for her life as a whole row of wine glasses behind her swept along the glass shelf towards the door and the whole room lightened up. The dark treacle had gone. We had scones with cream and strawberry jam with a pot of tea. A lovely day 😀

      • desertrose7 says:

        That’s very interesting Ralph. Very strange. Never heard of that kind of colour/heat phenomena before. Sorry for your loss. Sounds like someone deeply connected with these unexplained realms.
        in my case, no….I’m sure it was just the light or something. I’ve checked and my hands are not orange in any way 🙂


    I think it is time for the house to be cleansed…from what I have read you definitely have some folks living in there still that perhaps haven’t found their way to the light. Can’t wait to read the result! 🙂

    • desertrose7 says:

      Interesting about the orange aura thing. Who knows….maybe my aura WAS glowing orange? I WAS feeling very impulsive at the time 😉
      Well overdue for a cleansing. I’m glad it’s done. I think it will need to be done again though as part of an ongoing regular ritual. Nothing too weird, just visualising the things we want to bring into our home and pushing out the things we DON’T want.
      That sort of thing can work on many levels, for many purposes I guess.

      • Hopefully it has worked, I have only read about it and watched shows on it but never had it done. Guess it can look a bit freaky to those who don’t understand though 🙂

  4. Dan says:

    Relax, anyone whose reading your blog already knows you’re a nut case. 😛
    😆 Something tells me that you wouldn’t have been flying high with Steve either.

    Yes, you are more in tune with your gut, especially when preparing Indian cuisine. 😛
    Let’s hope that the ladies are successful.
    Please DO let us know how the exorcism went.

    Oh, and a nice do with the wig.
    My gut tells me that whoever took that picture was laughing their guts out when they snapped it.

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