Beautiful Dancing Queen.

The other day someone posted this video on facebook of a woman dancing, to herself, for herself at a bus stop.
As I watched it, I couldn’t help but smile for the woman.
She looked like she was so happy standing there in her own little world moving her body in time to music that no doubt was playing in her ears through ear phones.
“Good on her!” was my reaction.

I couldn’t find the post again so I googled it, however I was upset to find it came up first on a site called “tastefully offensive.”

First off, I don’t find anything at all “offensive” about this woman dancing at a bus stop.
What I suppose is offensive is that somebody, presumably, secretly recorded her and then posted this video on the internet, presumably without her permission.
I am HOPING though, that the reason they did so, was because they too saw the GOOD THING happening here… and felt the same thing as I felt….a smile inside and a fellow human connection.
The innocence of a moment.
The joy of being able to move one’s body BECAUSE WE CAN, and because music has the power to do just that….inspire us to MOVE….to dance.

I feel as though I am doing something wrong, by sharing this video here, but I felt compelled to say something TO this woman and TO society.

You see, I began reading through the comments on the various sites where this video was posted and some of them made me SO incredibly angry!
(There were some wonderful comments posted about this video too. Those which restored my faith again.)

Of course most of the vulgar comments were made about her weight.
Mindless, stupid immature comments written by mindless stupid immature people.

I just can’t believe the mean-ness that the internet brings out in people. Really honestly I can’t.
The sad thing is, it’s not really the internet to blame. The nastiness, the cruelty of peoples judgments and attitudes is there, has always been there and the internet has simply opened the doors for all the cowardly mean spirited people to have a voice and spit out their vile little thoughts in anticipation of being patted on the back by those with equally small nasty minds.

The truth spills out, here in this place.
Both the beauty and the ugliness of humanity.

I want to say to this woman…
Thank YOU for being you.
For making me/us smile.
I’m sorry that someone filmed you, in your private moment, without your permission, that I think was wrong, and even more wrong to post it on the internet.
But, I’m kind of glad they did, selfishly, because you are a representation (to me) of all that connects us as people. (Or in my mind at least, that should connect us.)
Everyone can dance, and SHOULD dance, anywhere!

I also want to say….Whoa girl!….you would put a lot of people to shame with your moves. 🙂

There is no shame in dancing at a bus stop.
There is nothing at ALL, even remotely offensive about it.
You are truly beautiful in your moment of inner joy, and I thank you for making me feel connected TO you.

The only shameful offensive thing are the people who simply do not have enough humanity, enough soul, to see your beautiful spirit and feel that same shared smile inside FOR you….with you.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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3 Responses to Beautiful Dancing Queen.

  1. Dan says:

    Unfortunately it’s true. There has always been some nasty cruel people in the world.
    But that doesn’t mean it will always be that way.
    I am always reminded of the quiet revolutionaries like Jesus, Buddha, Mother Theresa, Gandhi and so many others who helped, are helping and will continue to raise the collective consciousness of the planet one individual at a time.
    We have to keep spreading the same kind of spirituality that they expressed so that the population of the cruel and thoughtless are reduced to zero.
    Having a hostility towards them will only extent their power.
    I know, i do the same thing sometimes. So we need each other to point out that it’s okay to observe and just let it go.
    We need to express and show more of the good that happens in the world every day like your lovely dancing queen. 🙂
    It too can be even more contagious, the good kind. 😉
    So may I point out another great story that too came from Facebook.
    But here is a link to more about this loving couple.
    Oh, and it’s okay to cry some happy tears. 🙂

  2. Ralph says:

    Hehe !! What fun. Her own personal Flash Mob !! Brilliant !! Ralph xox 😀

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