Bits and pieces in my brain.


My thoughts are a bit scattered today (Ha! they say. Just today?) so it might be a bit of a mixed bag kind of post…

Things have been quiet for a while in the house with all the supernatural stuff.
I’ve had some spiritual friends of mine working on it. Sending good energies, whatever they do. I’m not entirely sure but it did seem to be working.
Up until the other day.

A few nights ago I came down to spend some time in my music room and almost immediately things started happening.
I was sitting there, headphones on, listening to music when something bumped the back of my chair.
Scared the bejeesus out of me.
Spinning around I looked. Why do I look? I know there will be nothing I can see.

Wen’t back to listening…..
Bloody hell!
This time I jumped out of my chair….and looked.

Three times this happened and that’s when the goosebumps started.

Alrighty then. So there was something there. So what! I’m not being forced out of my creative space.
It’s playing. Nothing bad….
Deep breath Tracy.

Suddenly a large shadow passed in front of the lamp behind me on the far wall.
Again, I jumped (Well, leaped this time) out of my chair and looked suspiciously around the room.
Was there a moth? Sometimes even a small moth flying in front of a light can make a big scary shadow.
No moth.

So for the first time, and I felt like an idiot, I spoke to the …..”ghost”.

“OK….who’s there?” I said
How lame.

Like some disembodied voice is going to answer, right?
“I am.” <insert the voice of Lurch> “You rang?”

I had goosebumps on my goosebumps though.

So I lit some incense, and sat back down and tried to relax.
Good energy…..feel the good energy……..
And that was that.

Two nights ago however my daughter came bursting into the music room and said….
“Mum, I am going INSANE!”

She seemed to be doing this bit of a dance around, like she was wired….high… (She has these bursts of energy like that.)
I was busy so I just said.

“Ok. good….that’s fine.”

“NO… don’t understand. Don’t you want to know WHY I think I’m going insane?”

“Ok…ok, why.”

“I was sitting on my bed and I looked at myself in the mirror, and mum, my reflection smiled at me….BUT I WASN’T SMILING!”

Jeepers creepers.
Now that’s freaky….even if you just imagine it. Which I told her she must of.

“It’s exams…you’re stressed. The light was dim. You “thought’ you saw your reflection smile.”

That same night my other daughter said she kept going out of her room, leaving the light on, to go outside for a smoke, but each time she came back in the light was turned OFF.
My husband wasn’t here….he’s usually the one running after us tut tutting and turning lights off.

Then there was the other night when I set out five plates for dinner.
I KNOW there were five because I counted them on the shelf before I picked them all up stacked together.
I laid them out on the bench….five plates. I know there were five because one wouldn’t fit on the bench space so I put it on the bread board, but then I thought…”I’ll have to move that because I’ll need the bread board to put the hot pot on….”
I turned my back for a minute to attend to something and when I turned back, there were only FOUR plates.
The one from the bread board was gone.
“Where did I put that plate now?” I thought…
I didn’t remember moving it.
It wasn’t back where the plates go….I didn’t absentmindedly put a clean plate in the dishwasher….wasn’t in the fridge or anything weird like that.
Just poof…..gone.

So, I know what it feels like to think you must be going insane.

I’m waiting for a friend to phone to let me know the results of a biopsy she had done on her tongue.
She had a growth there.
I told her to get a second opinion after the specialist she was seeing kept telling her to come back every six weeks so he could LOOK at it.
Doctors don’t have magic eyes!
I told my friend she needed to go see someone else. She did and they immediately cut it out and did a biopsy.
Please God let it be good news.
She is my dearest friend.

Last night I told my husband that I have popping candy in my neck.
You know those pop rocks you put on your tongue and they start exploding all over the place. Cool feeling…but not in your neck!
I discovered this after I was doing some stretches on the bedroom floor.
Far out! What is this new freaky body noise?
I know I’m tense in my neck, but geez…. it’s like snap crackle pop…..rice bubbles in there!
Yeah, of course I googled it.
Almost became convinced that I had some sort of tumour on my adrenals but then the hypochondriac in me calmed down and I figured it’s all this bad posture sitting at the computer my instrument/keyboard.
I just need to stretch out all these crackles. Every day!
Uggghh! It’s the most disturbing sound though.

I’m pouring candles today.
Bleh. Don’t want to be but oh well.
Listening to “80’s music in the morning” – some local station.

“Counting the beat” came on.

This was the song playing at a rollerskating rink when I was forced into kissing a boy, for the first time, that I didn’t even like.
He had white hair, weird looking dude, with a really butch overbearing sister who orchestrated the kiss….somehow.
Don’t ask me how it happened.
Suddenly there I was kissing him, while she watched, pleased with herself.
Marky…. was his name.
Sneaky…he probably turned into a criminal.

My favourite song though is this….

In fact I’m going to put it on loudspeaker and dance while I pour candles.

There is no conclusion to this post.
It just ends.



About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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10 Responses to Bits and pieces in my brain.

  1. Hmm definitely something paranormal about your place, where the previous owners there long? Have there been a few? Anything in the library about the house? That’s you homework..I shall leave it with you. 🙂

  2. Dan says:

    no comment.
    Except prayers for good news from your friend.

  3. Ralph says:

    As a mum you know how to talk to naughty children. Do the same with them/it and give them/it a good telling off without the goosebumps. May the firmness be with you !! 😀

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