Insomnia, snorers and odd body sensations.


It is not because I don’t love my husband, because I do.
It is not because I don’t want to share the same marital bed, because I do, but I’m sorry, ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

For the past couple of weeks I have been severely sleep deprived, and I’ve turned really violent.
Instead of shaking him to make him “TURN OVER!” in an attempt to get him to stop snoring, (he snores even on his side now!) I have taken to PUNCHING him…..throwing a quick HARD elbow jab. I mean hard enough that sometimes I worry he will react violently back! Any normal person in a confused ‘woken up by pain” situation would.
Not him! He’s just a noisy freaking CORPSE!

I’m ashamed to admit my violent streak, but when it’s 4 am and you have been woken up for the seventeenth time just at that moment of slipping off to sleep…..
Speaking of which, that “slipping off to sleep” thing is something I have been struggling with for more than a year now.
I have told THREE doctors about it and they have no idea what I am talking about, nor how to help me.

See, I have this most bizarre thing that happens just as I’m about to fall asleep.

At the very moment when you slip from the precipice of consciousness to sleep I get this sensation…. This very disconcerting sensation.
It’s like a fluttering, fast vibration (sort of) but more like a fluttering in my body, mainly in my torso, arms and hands, but sometimes it’s my entire body, even my feet.
It comes in a wave.
At first I thought the bed was shaking, then I realised it was just my body….INSIDE my body, shaking.
It pulls me back from the brink of sleep rudely and jolts me awake, because the sensation is so bizarre .
Even after I am fully awake it continues for a few minutes, gradually fading away…
It has lasted for the time it takes me to get up and walk to the bathroom, get a drink, or use the loo, whatever….
I wondered if it was maybe some sort of weird heart palpitation thing so I’d sit there and try and feel my pulse, but it’s impossible to feel because everything is fluttering so fast that my pulse can’t be found!
I’m pretty sure it’s not my heart….not palpitations because I’ve lived with those since my teens and I KNOW what they feel like.
When you have palpitations the blood is directed AWAY from extremities, to the heart.
I’ve never had palpitations in my hands and feet!
This is something entirely different.

Really, falling asleep is WAKING ME UP.

So combine that horrible situation with a horrendous snorer who further WAKES ME UP, or doesn’t allow me to relax and try to fall asleep at all.
Well, going to bed is just hell.
I’ve begun to fear…..going to bed.

Last night (Well, at somewhere around 2 am) I couldn’t take it anymore. I just got up, took my pillows and went into the lounge room and made a bed on the couch.
Then I was hungry. Couldn’t fall asleep because my body was saying “Hey, it’s been 8 hrs since the last meal. Isn’t it time for another one?”
I had to get up and make a sandwich.
Insomnia is going to make me fat!
Took at least another hour for me to feel settled enough to TRY, again, to fall asleep.

I’m not even going to bother trying to fall asleep in the bedroom anymore.
I hate the fact that I have to use the lounge room as a bedroom, but the alternative could lead to severe spousal abuse.

The only real sleep I’ve been getting is when my husbands alarm clock goes off at 5.30 am and I yell at him to “Please get up and LET ME SLEEP!”
Slowly but surely my sleep patterns are switching and I’m becoming nocturnal.
I woke up at 10.30 am this morning on the couch, after being woken by the kids getting up for school, my husband talking to them, the dishwasher being noisily unstacked…
I could have slept MORE…..into the afternoon, but how disgusting is that.
As much as I love the night, there is just stuff that has to be done during the day.

I will not taking sleeping tablets!
That would not work anyway.
How could it? Falling asleep is waking me up!

I don’t know how much it would cost to go to one of those sleep lab things, where they might be able to find out what this weird trembly, shaking thing is.
It’s probably just some chemical being released in my brain as sleep kicks in, causing odd sensations.
It’s more than likely some anxiety related thing. Of course. Story of my life!
Maybe it’s some hormonal thing?
It will probably disappear, eventually. I just have to be patient.
It did the entire time we were away in the Philippines……but then again…..I shared a bed with my daughter, NOT my husband there!
Hmmm….is there a link?

So, I will be a creature of the couch now.

I refuse to be tortured any more.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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16 Responses to Insomnia, snorers and odd body sensations.

  1. Yikes!

    After spending quite some time in Alpine Huts with people snoring, I’ve come to the conclusion it has to be one of the worst sounds ever!

    Good luck!

  2. Ah married love
    Nothing but the finest

  3. Dan says:

    Have you tried this?

    Sounds like you have more negative thoughts running through your mind than positive ones.
    Sounds like you need to fill that glass half full with positive ions.

    I find that listening to my favorite music when I get into bed works for me.
    Sure it’s a distraction. But so is watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset, smelling those jasmine petals or petting Snickers, when he’s in a good mood. 😉

    Could it be that the old man’s snoring is a symptom of your sleep depravation?
    Have you suggested to him (instead of PUNCHING him) that he seek medical attention for it?
    Not even sure that if a doctor was to find an answer for your “falling asleep is waking me up” syndrome it would resolve your problem.
    Especially since you say that you were able to sleep while sharing your bed with your daughter on vacation.

    So who cares if you sleep into the afternoon? Sleep is an important part of YOUR health.
    “I refuse to be tortured any more.” Glad to hear you’re not a masochist. 😉
    Here’s to more pleasant dreaming. 🙂

  4. I sleep very little. I usually wake at 3- 3.30am 😦 I sometimes suffer from RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome) yea there is such a thing, where the insides of my skin, legs mainly but sometimes arms feel restless, like itchy…but not really, a weird sensation that can only be relieved by walking around or taking magnesium..I would be looking into that. It’s common…that might be ewhat you are experiencing and it’s crap 😦

    • desertrose7 says:

      Oh my! Someone who KNOWS about restless legs!
      Yes, I am VERY familiar with it!
      I first got it when I was pregnant. Every time I’d reach about the 4 month mark my legs would start…It was TORTURE. I absolutely hated being pregnant! Never happened at any other time except pregnancy….until now. I think it’s hormonal, with me anyway. I know my hormones have gone screwy what with perimenopause. I take calcium and magnesium tablets. They DO help…but sometimes the legs twitch anyway. Maddening! I can’t sleep with socks on – that makes it really bad… I find if I get up and put my bare feet on the cool bathroom tiles, sometimes it’s better when I get back into bed.
      So yes…THAT keeps me awake, as well as the weird fluttering thing and of course….the snoring!
      I feel for you having RLS. It sucks 😦

  5. Miriam E. says:

    i, too, experience restlessness – especially when trying to fall asleep. it’s this ‘strange sensation’ that you can’t really describe – and you just want to move to make it go away. at least that’s what it is for me.
    this might help you… not sure, but it’s worth a try – it helps me fall asleep every time i take it.

    make a tea from valerian root, hop, damiana leaves, lemon balm and passion flower herb. take it about half an hour before you go to bed.
    alternatively, you can throw all these herbs ( i always keep a dried stash at home) into corn schnapps (or something similar), put it in a dark place, keep it there for a bout 3 weeks (to let the alcohol extract alllll the little helpers from the herbs) and shake it every day to stir it up. after 3 weeks filter the alcohol out (i always use a dish towel, works great) and voilà, there’s your tincture. take one table spoon full about half an hour before you go to bed, maybe two if you feel it’s needed. works for me…

    • desertrose7 says:

      Wow, sounds intriguing and old world and witchy,;) brewing up all those herbs. I like the idea.
      I used to take valerian tablets when I was a teenager, but the real thing/s brewed up like that together would be so much better.
      I’ll have to look into it, thanks!,

  6. Miriam E. says:

    p.s.: here are the latin names, so there’s no confusion:
    Passion Flower – Passiflora incarnata
    Valerian – Genus valeriana
    Lemon Balm – Melissa officinalis
    Damiana – Turnera diffusa
    Hop – Humulus lupulus

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