Creature of the gloom.


There is no doubt, I am a creature of the night, the dark, the cool, the gloom, winter light and rain.
Bright sunshine makes me cringe …”Heeelp I’m meeeelting!”

I endure summer like it’s a punishment dished out by the Gods.
I am bad tempered bathed in sweat.
When the clouds wrap themselves around the sun, I rejoice.
When they change their minds and move on I am depressed.
Give me gloom, soft light….gentle light…..dappled light….shadows….

I am addicted to watching the weather channels, on TV and online.
All of them…
I check every day so I know what to expect….kinda (do they ever get it right?)
Anything over 25 degree’s and I’m unhappy.
Anything over 30 degree’s and I’m miserable.
Anything over 40 degree’s and I’m….not fit to live with.

The funny thing is my family tease me, criticize me even, for constantly monitoring the weather…and yet, if they need to know what the weather is “going to be”….they ask ME.
“What’s the weather supposed to be on Sunday mum?”

It’s ok, I know I have my quirks.

My husband is the complete opposite.
“Glorious weather!” he says when we’re in the middle of a heat wave.
I think he does it just to piss me off, and it does, immensely.

When it rains though, you would think that pure acid is falling from the sky.
“I’m not going out in that!” he whimpers.
“This is slit your wrists weather. So depressing!”
And if he does HAVE to go out in the acid rain…even a mere sprinkle of it has him hunched over, plucking his feet up off the ground like he’s stepping in excrement, hurrying to the car as though it truly is injuring his body as it gently spatters his shoulders.

When I bought my GHD hair straightener, I laughed reading the instruction manual.
It said something like….” When air temperature is cold the device will make warbling noises.”
That’s my husband! Exactly!
Warbling. What a wonderful word.

I don’t understand it.

“Why are you opening all the windows up mum. It’s raining!” said my eldest daughter the other day.
‘You never open ALL the windows on nice sunny days!”

No….that’s because I don’t like sunny air.
It’s not the same.
Rain air is FRESH….it’s sweet and clear and brings with it the delicious aroma of pungent earth and green smells of washed leaves.
It’s the best air there is!
Sunny air just amplifies any BAD smells.

Rain makes everything glisten and shine. It brings out the colours. Grass looks greener, foliage looks more lush, flowers, and spider webs look bejewelled.
I like to watch nature drink in the goodness of rain.
It thirsts for it ….gulps it down greedily, and when satiated, simply wallows, in pure happiness in the puddles.

Rain at night is the best thing of all. The sound of it lulls me to sleep.
A good grumbling storm is even better, one that goes on for hours, but they are rare.
Night is just better overall.
I can breathe, at night. I feel alive when the sun is gone.
I feel less stressed, more at peace with myself and the world.

The other morning I awoke at around 5 am. This has been happening a lot lately.
I get up, make a cup of tea and usually drink it in bed….watch the news or something , then eventually I go back to sleep.
Not the other morning.
I got up and went outside and sat on the front verandah and simply soaked in the magic of 5 am.

I can’t begin to describe how it feels to me – that particular time of the morning.
Truly the word “magic” fits.
You can feel the night clinging on desperately, not wanting to let go, but even in the dark, before the birds begin to stir, you can sense the morning fighting equally as hard , against the night.
The air is just different.
The “feel” is paradoxically electric in the silence and the stillness.

The raucous laughter of the kookaburra’s broke the magic.
They are like the clowns of dawn. Disturbing the peace with all their rowdy attention seeking.
I was disappointed.
I went back to bed.
“Shows over folks!”

Soon it will be sock weather.
Cool evenings, crisp mornings.
The leaves will begin to turn.
Everything will sigh in relief (especially me) and calm down.
The light will be gentle….the shadows softer, the air cleaner.

I will sleep easier.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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12 Responses to Creature of the gloom.

  1. I am comforted..the weather of Raincouver is notorious. Thanks for walking me through that though! The only good thing I have for summer is on the more forgiving nights; I got to watch my first meteor shower during the last one on my balcony. (:

    • desertrose7 says:

      I must admit, some of those balmy summer nights can be kind of nice. The warmer air makes the jasmine smell sweet. How cool seeing a meteor shower! Can’t say I’ve ever seen that myself. Plenty of shooting stars though lately.

      • I wish I could concur about the jasmines, except I stand by the axiom of a grey thumb if there ever was one.

        It was, but then I saw the moon and it was this hideous yellow ball, frighteningly close so I rushed back to bed and pretended like nothing happened.

        Wish I could catch a few shooting stars ! Urban cities do not support sky watching.

      • desertrose7 says:

        Lol! A golden moon is nothing to be afraid of 🙂 So beautiful! It’s amazing how big it looks as it slips up over the horizon.
        I have a black thumb myself, but Jasmine, a delicate little white flower that growns on a vine….well, if you ever smell it, you will know it’s intoxicating smell instantly.
        It’s a shame about your urban situation….but then again, I bet you have a lot of people watching to keep you captivated and entertained 🙂

      • ..I was wishing for the moon cause at first there wasn’t any – that’s when I learned it was even possible for the moon to be completely gone from one side of the world (full moon) smart one I am. Maybe I was half asleep and my glasses were slipping off, I felt rather threatened..

        Shame that I’ve never smelled a jasmine /: Maybe one day if someone is dumb enough to trust me with flowers.

        I do ! I remember being awoken by this scream match from a young couple. The man was yelling at the woman to get out of his car and that ensued for a good 15 minutes before he gave up (his car?) and walked home while she drove away. Which is noteworthy to say I live at the bottom of a rather secluded hill of bus stops that ends at 11.

  2. Dan says:

    Creature of the gloom? 😯
    Bah humbug!!! 😡
    Okay, melancholy for sure.
    Creature of the night? Naturally.
    Creature of the winter light? Phhhh! In honor of your fellow countryman, Paul Hogan,
    “that’s not a winter, that’s a cool autumn”.
    Creature who’s in love with the moon? No doubt about it. 😉

    You’re right about the rain, though.
    Looking out from my office/studio at the Jasmine tree which is just starting to bloom it’s delicate white flowers and looking forward to the fragrance they give off, especially after a gentle rain. 🙂

    And the next time you’re out there on the verandah why not take a keyboard with you. 😉

    “Soon it will be sock weather.” 😯
    It’s no wonder you’re not looking forward to longjohns weather. 😛
    Pleasant dreams. 🙂

  3. thisismandy says:

    I love this! I too am a creature of the gloom. The Australian sun and heat is just not my cup of tea. So I’m moving to England. A few weeks into their spring and it’s still snowing! I think that English weather and I are going to be very happy together.

    • desertrose7 says:

      I’m jealous. You’ll certainly get your gloom there 🙂 But also with a whole lot of history and quaintness and …..Ahh, I’m just jealous. This recent last blast of summer (In Autumn!) is really getting to me!

  4. Miriam E. says:

    oh i am right there with you… when everyone’s huddled up inside the house, complaining about bad weather, i’m in my garden, throwing dirt around, planting. i love it… the smells and sounds… so soothing and delicious.
    i’ll make a confession… whenever i write, i listen to this:

    it calms me and lets me think…

    • desertrose7 says:

      Oh, I DID see this. I thought I had replied.
      I listened, and loved it! Ten hours too, wow! Not that I need it at the moment as the real thing is happening right outside the window.
      It’s glorious 🙂

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