Crafty hoarding and alternative uses for “stuff”.

So I admit it.
I am a hoarder.
Not in the usual sense. My house is “usually” quite clean and tidy, but when it comes to my craft obsession….?
Well, I took a look in my craft room this morning and I’m too embarrassed to post a pic of it RIGHT NOW.
Oh the STUFF!

So, I hoard tonnes of delicious bits and pieces for their “creative potential” factor.
I have a hard time when it’s council collection time – when people chuck out all their junk on the curb.
Oh….the finds!
The potential in so MUCH of that “junk”!
Makes me weak at the knees.

When I’m not writing music, or making video’s, or sewing, or wandering around taking photo’s of things that make me feel “something”, I’m busy in my craft room making….things.
Ok, so sometimes I have to do housework too….or cook, bleh.

Last yesterday afternoon I stood on a chair and with pathetic garden clippers, trimmed an entire HEDGE in our front yard because I got tired of waiting for dear other MOST LAZY half to buy some proper garden shears and do it for me.
Not quite Edward scissor hands, but I do enjoy a bit of ruthless, therapeutic, pruning from time to time.
I nearly fell INTO the hedge several times though.
Luckily it bounced me back onto the chair, and no dog walking passers by witnessed it, and had a laugh on my behalf.
That’s my claim to fame of “most achieved domestic endeavors” for the week.

My music computer is BROKE at the moment.
I’m devastated!
Hubby is working hard trying to fix/revive it at the moment so that leaves me with some options.
I “could” tackle some more laundry – but it’s going to rain (yay!)
Or I could do something crafty….

Just because I’m a bit bored at the moment and haven’t decided exactly what to do with the rest of my day I thought I’d post some pictures of previous crafty ventures.
Just for fits and giggles, you know.

A while ago I began to dabble with polymer clay (Fimo, Sculpey?)
I love it, and hate it.
Sure does give your arms a workout with all that kneading!
My little clay oven I use to bake it broke though, so I haven’t done anything with clay in a while.

Here are some of my attempts at making tiles and creating some pictures. I guess a kind of mosaic thing? I did use some scrapbooking paper in it too.

My “Tree of life”.

Tree of life

My Indian feel Elephant one… Love elephants!

Elephant polymer clay

An owl one. Love owls too. Wasn’t so happy with my owl though because he looked too ‘cute” rather than mystical.

Owl polymer clay

And an attempt at a sort of Moroccan Vibe. I’m drawn to all things Moroccan/Indian/Tribal/ethnic.


I have a habit of using things not for their intended purpose so when I came across these cushion covers (they were cheap) I bought a whole bunch of them and ended up making a large wall hanging to suit my decor/colours.  Just sewed them all together (don’t ask how many sewing machine needles I broke in the process!) and hung it on a curtain rail. The two red dingly decorations at each end are actually Christmas decorations, but I loved the shape, so there they were hung.  This is in my lounge room filling a large blank wall.  Works for me. Bettter than if I tried to paint a huge abstract painting to give a splash of colour to the room. Creating paintings is something I cannot do!

Wall hanging

Here is another kind of Moroccan inspired frame.
I had an old picture frame so I glued an old bamboo placemat as a background. Cut out some wood squares, looked online for Moroccan patterns and designs. Printed those out on paper, glued them on the tiles then gave them a wash of ‘stain’ to make them look “old”, then glued them onto the picture frame. The stain I use for this sort of thing is nothing more than a bit of Parisian essence – you know the stuff you are supposed to use to darken gravy with? Well, I never use it for gravy 🙂 I mix it with a bit of white glue and hey presto, anything that needs a bit of antique “stain” to it, on it goes.

Moroccan pattern

Lately visitors have been commenting on something I have hanging in my kitchen area.
It’s made from a bunch of cheap trivets I bought from a two dollar store. They were awful….had horrible looking tiles with chickens and cows on them.
I removed the tiles, painted the empty frames white then roughed the edges up a bit with sandpaper for that slightly worn look, and glued some Scrapbooking paper onto each one.
Then I arranged the “shape” of how I wanted the tiles to look – cut out some thin MDF board to fit the desired arrangement and used a staple gun to attach each one.
I reckon actual fabric with interesting textures and designs could be used to achieve the same thing.

Trivet hanging2

Then there was a time I used Scrapbooking paper to make some chunky bangles.
Got the bangle blanks from spotlight (wooden) on sale. Cut strips of scrapbooking paper, glued them on, and did the same wash of “stain” with the Parisian essence. I did add quite a few layers of white glue, like you do with decoupage, as a varnish.
So simple!



So there you go!
Never chuck away anything that you suspect has even the slightest bit of crafty potential…
Things you find in your kitchen cupboards for cooking, may also have a use in the craft room….
And….never use things just for their intended purpose, is my craft motto. 🙂

Above all else, have FUN with whatever you create!

Now….I did see some dressmaker torso things in a second hand shop the other day…
Oh….should I?
They had SOOOO much arty potential!

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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4 Responses to Crafty hoarding and alternative uses for “stuff”.

  1. I am not blessed with ‘craftiness’ I am hopeless! You on the other hand have produced some very interesting pieces indeed, perhaps you could sell? Go to markets? Just a thought. 🙂

    • desertrose7 says:

      Oh everyone can make stuff. It’s like being a kid again and just playing with a box of ‘treasures”, turning them into things 🙂 I think I’ve just never grown up.
      I used to make country wood crafts and sold those….Now I make and sell candles and all these other things are just excuses to avoid housework, lol!

  2. Dan says:

    Loved the Tree of Life, and what’s wrong with a “too cute” owl.
    Why can’t a cute owl be mystical as well? 😉
    Looks rather peaceful to me. 🙂

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