All aboard! (Unusual weekends away.)


We had a most interesting weekend away, just hubby and I.
Left the kids at home to fend for themselves as we set off on a spur of the moment trip to a most beautiful scenic part of the country side.
About an hour and a half, two hours at most from home, so not a bad distance away.

Took some pictures on a train track along the way…

Standing in the middle of the track focusing my camera on the tripod, when suddenly the warning bells started blasting!
You’ve never seen someone jump so high.
My husband thought it was very amusing.

And how’s this for the worlds tiniest train station?
Blink and you’d miss it!


You see, I am on a mission this year.
Too much work, not enough play has been our pattern for the last couple of years.
The candle business we run from home chews up to many weekends and I’m really missing getting out there and having adventures like we used to.
So….we took off, not knowing exactly what we’d be doing, except hubby had booked us into a most unique place to stay the night.
We stayed in a TRAIN.



Everything inside the carriage was left as a train carriage is, so it was a little rustic, but super comfortable with air con, heating, a kitchen with fridge and microwave etc.
They even had the old train map on the wall and a replica platform clock to enhance the train atmosphere.
So very cool…and different and I just adore “different”.

Train carriage



Set in beautiful surrounds the stay included a six course meal, with a complimentary bottle of wine, and free breakfast basket which was loaded with delicious breakfast treats, croissants, muffins etc….
Value for money!
Here is the link just in case any Aussies might be reading this and fancy a trip to Dungog. We gave the place an excellent review.

I wanted to do some photography and video, so the first thing I tried to get was the sunset.
Of course the sun was setting in the wrong place!
At one point I attempted to get hubby to try to hoist me up on top of this huge concrete water pipe that ran the length of the side of the road, for miles. It was in the way of where the sun was setting, see.
I said…”Bend down a bit and stick your knee’s out and I’ll climb up onto your knee’s, then your shoulders and hoist myself up!”
So hubby complied…but once I was standing on his knee’s everything turned into fits of laughter, and much groaning….I’m not as light as I think I am, and the thought of putting my feet on his shoulders scared me. Way too high to stand up on a wobbly (hysterically laughing) platform.
So I abandoned that idea and this was the only shot I ended up getting elsewhere.


Earlier in the afternoon we’d visited the local cemetery.
Ok, so I’m weird. I love cemeteries, especially old ones. (I will blog about this quirk of mine.)
The long shadows of late afternoon were especially enchanting.
In the distance the cattle were “lowing”. I guess that’s what you call it? (Like Away in a Manger?)
They moo….persistently. Maybe it’s feeding time?
Sounded a bit spooky standing in the cemetery, BUT, there was this other sound…I’m sure it wasn’t a cow! It sounded either like a far off lion growling, or someone snoring.
Rest in peace?
I guess someone was.


Standing there among the old headstones something COLD and WET suddenly touched my foot!
I jumped about three foot in the air….
You just don’t want something COLD and WET touching you in a cemetery!
Looked down and saw this.


In the morning I awoke to the most magnificent FOG that shrouded the hillside. Gorgeous! I love fog!
I ran outside to snap a few shots but then decided this was too good to miss.


“Let’s go! We’ve got to go filming now!” I told hubby.
Next thing I knew he jumped in the shower.
Darn it.
I quickly threw my stuff in the bag, slapped a bit of makeup on….Five minutes at most my back was turned…Looked out the window and…..the fog was completely GONE!
Hate that.

So we left, not having a clue exactly where we were going. Had no laptop to research the area, the information centre was closed…
“Turn right!” I said….”We’ll head up to Gloucester.”
The landscape got more and more beautiful as we drove but frustratingly, there were no good (safe) places to stop so I could film and take pictures.
In desperation, because the light was so magnificent I ended up winding the window down and taking most of the shots from the moving car!




We drove for miles…eating our complimentary breakfast in the car…
So nice that we’re finally at this point with the kids grown enough so we can safely leave them at home and get back to being the couple that we are…we were, in the days BEFORE kids.

Before long though we realised that we’d either have to double back the same way we’d just driven, to get home, and I didn’t want to do that because we’d just BEEN there…or else take the extremely long route heading out towards the coast and head back down home that way.
Talk about an epic Sunday drive! We ended up in Taree!
But it was beautiful…..beaches we’d never seen before along the coast there…
Amazing clear water and the stormy light was just perfect!



Water water everywhere!
Not only beaches but lakes….
It took us about seven hours of driving, from when we’d left, until we got home.
Well, lots of stopping too…



The phone rang on the way home.
It was my 17 year old daughter.

“There is a chicken in the house!” she said.
“What? A Chicken!!!”
“Flew in the backyard and we rescued it from the dogs.”
“Where exactly is the chicken?”
“It’s sitting on the computer.”

Just what you want to hear… Leave them alone for five minutes and the place turns into a farmyard.

“Well, put it in a box and lock it in the laundry…we’ll be home soon!”

A bit later the phone rings again.
“Have you got it in a box?”
“It’s in the loungeroom…it keeps running away. I fed it some corn.”

Great, now she’s bonding with her staple food.
My husband is freaking out.
“Don’t let it scratch the damn leather lounge!”

We got home to see this…..

They had even given it one of my cushions to sit on!
Looked pretty comfy there.

Turns out it belonged to a neighbour who gratefully came and picked up his , as I told him, “very lucky chook!”
The dogs were positively salivating.

A kind of quirky end to a very interesting weekend.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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7 Responses to All aboard! (Unusual weekends away.)

  1. annewoodman says:

    What a great post, Tracy! So funny about the chicken on the keyboard.

    The photos are gorgeous. I hope you got some of your couple groove back. ; )

  2. How brilliant ‘Tracy’ Loved the train carriage, really loved the 1st photo of the fog, the beach at Taree..Taree as in NSW? Hell that was one Sunday drive! The pic of the chook in the shower on a cushion? The hills were great considering they were taken from a moving vehicle! Great Post Madam. 🙂

    • desertrose7 says:

      Thanks! Yep, Taree in NSW. Sure was an epic drive back home.
      The chook is actually inside a cardboard box in that pic. My daughter stabbed holes in it with a knife…..thankfully BEFORE they put the chicken in it, lol!
      I was pretty surprised that the moving pictures worked. Actually I was surprised that any of them turned out considering I was using the manual features of the camera and my eyes are so bad now that I’m really just guessing if it’s in focus. I really HAVE to get glasses!
      Hope your weekend was a good one!

      • I wondered about the holes! Epic drive indeed, yes I too wear glasses – sad state of affairs this getting old business 😦 Had a good weekend – crap day today though…never mind onwards and upwards as they say.

  3. This post is so intresting. Loved every minute of reading it. The pics are fabulous.Computer is acting up. have to stop. Sorry. It is freezing up.

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