Worlds out of balance.


I’ve woken up early this morning. Before 5 am early – what an ungodly hour.
My throat has that telltale scratchy feel.
Damn, I’m getting sick.
Just as well we are nearing the end of our trip here.

Today we are going on a canoe ride up a river, under a waterfall, and down some rapids.
NOT ordinarily the sort of thing I’d do.
Why is it when you’re in foreign countries you do such insane things?

I have to admit, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.
The noise of the traffic is getting to me. The noise in general is getting to me.
Everywhere you go there is noise.
Noise, colour, motion and smells.

Taxi drivers play the radio loud….the shops belt out music – loud. In restaurants people eat loudly and heartily.
People EAT here. My God do they EAT!
I’ve never seen so many restaurants and fast food outlets, street food, and yet more FOOD!

And shops?
Man, this is consumerism gone crazy here.
There are shopping malls here that make our shopping malls in Australia look like corner stores.

It’s making me feel really … bad.

I watched a movie once where there were all the subliminal messages being flashed on the billboards and signs throughout the city saying “BUY ME”….”SPEND”….”CONSUME”…..”WANT MORE”….
Basically it was this brainwashing being done to society….can’t remember the outcome of the movie, some B grade flick that turned into something science fiction like, but that is exactly the feeling I get here.

In Manila there are Billboards the size of buildings – everywhere.
You can see them for miles…..hundreds of them.
Flashing lights, screens on buildings all advertising something.
Buy buy buy…..spend, spend spend…

So much STUFF, on every street corner….markets with unbelievable amounts of stuff. Shoes….I have never SEEN so many shoes! And bags….and clothes, belts, more shoes….STUFF!

I feel sorry for what feels like a lost culture here.
A world completely taken over by western ways.
Not that it appears that they mind? No….that’s not the feeling I get.
Hard to know exactly though.  Perhaps if I could have a deep and meaningful with some old folk they would feel differently?

Right now I am longing for some quiet and some simple.
A place uncrowded by all this “stuff”.

It is so true that we ( most of us everywhere in the world, – particularly in western culture) spend more time and energy on nurturing and expanding our material worlds, rather than our spiritual worlds.

So much imbalance going on.

I have to wonder if this is part of the reason why you watch the news and see so many people going crazy- killing themselves and others.
We are a world completely out of balance, don’t you feel?
Losing touch with some essential core within ourselves that keeps us sane.
Our focus is more outside of ourselves than within.

How much time do you spend nurturing and feeding, developing the within?

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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7 Responses to Worlds out of balance.

  1. Dan says:

    Couldn’t have stated it any better.
    And too many of us seem to be getting more susceptible to this infliction.

    I think you need to write a song about it when you get home.

    Oh, careful with that scratchy throat. Lots of flu going around (especially in a big city).
    I felt the exact same way a couple of weeks ago.
    One thing that really works for me is something called Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Formula.
    But only use it when you need to. It’s got lots of Sodium in it.

    Have a safe trip to home sweet home. 😉

  2. It’s all a tad too chaotic isn’t it and overwhelming 😦 My nurturing and feeding me within comes from writing – I can’t say I do much more than that. Every once in a while I’ll sit outside and breathe in nature in silence (bar a few noisy cockatoos!) Hopefully you won’t be to sick to enjoy your travels. Hope also that you enjoy the rapids, they aren’t nearly as scary as what they make out they are.. relax ..enjoy and get some ear-plugs 🙂

    • desertrose7 says:

      Yes, writing can do that hey. Glad it helps you. 🙂 The rapids were fine. Pretty cool actually but the landscape was mind blowingly beautiful – it’s been a place many movies have been filmed because it’s so scenic. What a beautiful breath of fresh air!

  3. I agree the world is out of balance! But to be fair when you live in the city you tend to blot those things out! Could you imagine living In a tiny hut village and then going to the Moroccan market for the first time? I don’t think this is a new problem, nothing ever is. Your overwhelmed. I get that way to that’s wht I refuse to gol to Times Square or any other neon faced illusion!

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