Passing the ball….Leibster award.


This is going to be a true ramble, I can feel it in my waters. Don’t cha just love that expression?

I’m going to be completely honest here (If you know me that is always what I am.)
I’m feeling completely overwhelmed at the moment with this blogging thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m LOVING it…Love reading all the funny, interesting,introspective, enlightening stuff. Adore seeing peoples photographic blogs. (So amazing getting glimpses into other peoples worlds and enjoying their talents and terribly brave pursuits.)
But with all these wordpress notifications my email inbox looks frighteningly like the bottom of my handbag!
(Trust me….it’s a disaster zone in there.)

Not to mention internet connection problems, and bored teenagers shadowing me round the house (school holidays here.) insisting that I WAS indeed put on this planet to entertain them, and frantic plans for our next adventure coming up very soon – a trip to the Philippines with the kids (that WILL entertain them for sure – or at least entertain hubby and I while we watch their jaws drop.)
Then of course there was all that Christmas crazy going on….
So….I am way behind in my stalking of YOU – those stalking me…

I feel guilty when I see someone else is following me and has liked or commented on one of my posts, because when I first started I aimed to at the very LEAST go and check out THEIR blog, and then depending on the content (I mean you can’t follow everybody around can you?) either follow them or at least in turn drop in and say hi or like something if indeed I did like it. (I’m honest there too.)
Well that went by the wayside pretty fast didn’t it. (Hey the good intentions were there!)

Now comes the issue of awards.
Great idea as far as getting to know each other, and you know, that’s what I really want.
I’m not one for huge crowds of casual acquaintances. I’m not that bubbly socialite type that flounces into a room and talks to every single person, flitting like a butterfly from one to the next.
I admire those people, but it’s not me.
I’m more the “lets you and I sit in the candle lit corner on some comfy- swallow you up armchairs, and talk about some real deep and meaningful from the heart stuff ” – heck, and have a few laughs too while we’re at it.
So, as a result of this being who I am, I feel a little uncomfortable just flying by your blog and saying “Oh and by the way, I want you to have this award because the rules say I HAVE to pass it along.”
Especially if I don’t “really” know you that well yet.
And there’s the matter of some bloggers not really wanting to accept awards…either because there is a “homework assignment” attached to it (as I read someone say recently 😉 ) or because they….I don’t know, for whatever reason don’t “do” awards. I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable about accepting awards, you know, because that’s what I’m like. I think too much!

Anyway, so this Leibster award keeps chasing me round like a dog wanting to play ball.
Three times I’ve been offered it now by first- Adam
More recently by Sarah
And most recently by …oh and this dismays me, I don’t know her NAME – (Please tell me your name….btw, my name is Tracy.)

….so ok then I’ll play ball!
I’m just going to take it from the most recent ball thrower.

These are the rules apparently (but I think it’s ok to break them which is good because I break things often- especially computers.)

Liebster Blogger Award Rules
Display the award logo on your blog. (I don’t know how to do sidebar, top bar things. Technically challenged so in a post it goes!)
Link back to the person/s who nominated you.
Adam – I know, a while ago but anyway…some more shameless promotion for you.
Sarah –
Not sure what her name is- but she has a gorgeous baby –
Thank you to all three of you! (I plan to get to know you all better this year. )

Answer the 3 questions, or make up your own 3.
Pass the award onto 3 other (200 followers or less, or started the blog this year) bloggers and link to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by pingback. (Here’s the technically challenged thing coming up again….once I am following someone I can’t see how many followers they have! Is it just me? So….I’ll just guess. Heck, I’m just going to give it to three people that I WANT to give it to, ok? And I don’t have a CLUE what a “pingback” is or how to ping anything. )

3 Questions to you:
What is your favourite holiday memory?

Too many…waaaay too many. Photographing wildflowers- like heaven spread out on the outback landscape? Being chased by wild cows? (Never forget that!) Sliding down a stupidly steep muddy hill in the pouring rain in our 4 wheel drive at Easter with giant horses watching the debacle? Haven’t blogged about that yet….
The heartbeat within the dry desert earth beneath my bare feet, and feeling the connection to something vastly bigger than I can’t comprehend. Like I said….way too many.
Oops! I just realised I answered that wrong. An Aussie translation issue, lol! Here “holidays” are vacations…Never mind.

How did you come to the decision to start a blog?
Actually this is quite personal. It was an escape from a very sudden and troubling emotional family related issue. That’s all I’ll say.

You’re stuck in a traffic jam, name 3 other people you would want in the car with you to pass the time.
Well goes without saying my husband would be there since I don’t drive. I like him…when he’s not being too grumpy. Second would be my daughter Shai, because she amuses me greatly with everything that comes out of her mouth, and thirdly would be my stepmother, Sue, because she keeps everything known to man that is even remotely useful in her handbag and she is a great conversationalist… and would be able to calm my hubby down with her sweet reason and lovely nature.

Now I will make up three questions to ask the three people I nominate for this award.
1) Name three things you would like to change or improve in your life.
2) Describe the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been in.
3) What moments in life fill you with true joy?

As for my pick of bloggers to whom I’d like to give this Leibster Award to….

Mrs D (What is your name Mrs D?) I know she likes awards and I like her blog because it’s a balance between outrageously amusingly honest, and a much deeper honest. Keep on keeping it real Mrs D. 🙂

Miriam from I know Miriam doesn’t like the whole chain mail thingy, but I really enjoy her poetry – a true word weaver that I’m sure many of you would love to feast your eyes and hearts upon too. So Miriam, even if you choose not to accept, I’d like people to check out your writing anyway.

And Baz – who may not have the time to be answering questions or writing blog posts about awards right now as he’s just about to embark on an amazing adventure climbing mountains in NZ. I honestly probably have nothing in common with Baz because he’s so FIT and healthy and does all this DANGEROUS stuff, but I’m drawn to his enthusiasm and passion for life! Good on ya Baz.

So there ya go. Wasn’t too rambly after all was it?
Guess you can’t always trust your waters.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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9 Responses to Passing the ball….Leibster award.

  1. Mrs D says:

    Thanks Tracy, I can relate to your feelings of not getting around to other blogs, guilty of it myself. I would graciously accept the award but it appears some more crazy people have followed me & I now have over 200 – I do think some are doubleups from Facebook & Twitter. To be fair I will pass & let you give it to another worthy blogger 😉 thanks again Megan 😉

  2. Miriam E. says:

    you’re so sweet, Tracy! thank you very much… of course i’ll secretly accept it and stash it in my hiding place… i just won’t do the ceremonies… 😉

  3. AWWHHH CONGRATS!!!!! I’m so happy for you!!! Your SO popular!!!

  4. Hey, you love life and embrace it…that gives us a lot in common!

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