The other day my sixteen year old came home from school, glowing, and said to me …
“Mum, I just had the loveliest conversation with a ninety one year old blind man at the bus station.”
She went on to explain that the man had heard her and asked if she could tell him the time on his wrist watch, and from there they went on to have a pleasant uplifting exchange as they both waited for their buses to arrive.
He told her he used to be a math and physics teacher, asked her all sorts of questions about school and about what she wanted to do with her life. Gave her quiet little titbits of advice, all of which she took in.
I know he felt in her a goodness, a gentle spirit, all of which requires no eyes to see.
My daughter also, I think, felt a “good man” in him, and was filled with admiration for his courage to still get out and about at his age, with no sight.
I was pleased, and touched by this experience of hers because she’s a little shy around strangers so it’s a good thing she has these kinds of exchanges.
It’s just a good thing anyway, to feel that sense of connection with others outside of your normal circle of friends and acquaintances.

Most of us forget, or don’t even think about the fact that we are all connected on some level.
I don’t profess to understand why or how but I know this connection just “is”, and it’s there not only between people but with nature itself too.
There have been times when we have been traveling through the outback and I’ve looked at the landscape and felt that we are like microscopic cells upon the body of a living creature – earth.
Times, especially in the middle of the desert, without the distractions of noise, colour, motion, that I have been aware of the connection of my feet to the earth, and sensed a presence, LIFE emanating from the ground below me, around me…
A sense of being observed too.

It’s shame that most of us cover our feet with shoes and only ever walk upon the hard concrete that is everywhere, separating us from the very alive planet that allows us to exist.

It’s a shame that most of us rush through our busy lives without allowing many opportunities to experience true connections, with people and with nature.
You see it all the time…people with their faces turned down to stare at their phones in their hands.
Shut down….”Stay away!” they say.

In days gone by when people didn’t have the luxury of supermarkets and butchers and when the land was less hidden by concrete – when people actually were in tune with seasons and weather (and each other) because they HAD to be, for the earth was what grew their crops and sustained their livestock….In THOSE days people felt more of the connection.

The threads have come loose.
Don’t you feel it?

Society has changed, is changing.
There are less REAL connections. Less time for them. Less awareness of them.
I have to wonder if this is sending people a bit crazy?
Driving people to live isolated lonely lives…and sometimes, perhaps, in that despair and craziness, to do terrible things.
Like yesterday.

We have different connections, these days – some may say….like this, YOU reading my words on a screen, I in turn reading yours.
Yes, there are still connections, and some are still GOOD THINGS.
I think this is because intrinsically, this tapestry of life always fights to bring us all together – pull those threads tighter when they become loose.

I discovered this the other day on someones blog.
It moved me so much.

I’m not sure if people actually DO click on any of the video’s I put within my posts?
I know time is short…life is a busy thing…
But if you are so inclined, to just STOP for a moment, I think this video is the most amazing, gentle, enlightening reminder of the sorts of things I have just spoken about – connections, and I’m sure it will make you feel – something.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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4 Responses to Connections.

  1. Miriam E. says:

    Tracy, this was very moving.

    I feel you here, our world has become so rushed, so electronic, so “sterile”… but I also see that many who have been in a stupor for so long, now start to twist and turn… because they feel something isn’t “right”.
    I believe there are changes ahead – and we, as a whole, will go back to our roots. nature. perhaps, mankind’s ‘teenager years’ are over – and we now see what we truly need… what is truly important.
    i believe in that.

    the video touched me deeply (yes, of course they are clicked and watched!)… thank you for sharing such a wonderful piece as well as your thoughts.

    i had to smirk at one point though… the yellow text on black… Star Wars! 😉

    amazing post, Tracy. a treat to read.

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