Santa Claustrophobia.

mauve tree

I feel suddenly overwhelmed by all this Christmas nonsense.

Yesterday my husband and I ventured out to the shops and what I saw was disgusting. Happy people, doing happy shopping, loading their trolleys up with peace joy and love…

I saw a mauve Christmas tree. I kid you not. There it was among the white, black and hot pink Christmas tree’s.
MAUVE… As if hot pink is not bogan enough, but MAUVE?
Who in their right undrugged mind would have a mauve Christmas tree in their house? (You have my condolences if you do.What is WRONG with you?)

Black? Ok…that’s for the Goths. I can see it now…glittery skulls and crosses, maybe some blood red lights and voodoo santas on it or something. You know? Little pins to stick through Santa’s jolly ole head. Fallen angels, tongues hanging out, dangling from their noose…

For God’s sake, where has tradition GONE?

As if the mauve Christmas tree wasn’t assault enough for the senses, but a bit further on I was instantly and painfully blinded by the sight of three smallish decorative Christmas trees on the counter of the Boost Juice stall.
These Christmas trees were fluro pink, fluro green and fluro orange.

Fluro christmas tree
I almost vomited right there.
Isn’t it enough that every clothes shop is pulsating with hideous fluro-ness, now Christmas is turning a bad shade of 80’s ?
Tell me, is Santa wearing shoulder pads this year? I couldn’t see for all the bling surrounding him.

Everywhere I looked TACKY and CHEAP screamed from every shelf and every window.
My eyes were burned by the chintz of sparkles and glitter, reflections of light piercing my brain from garish gold and silver baubles and tinsel, plastic and yet more plastic, artificial CRAP….oh holy cheap shit made in China CRAP….and people loading their trolleys two storey’s high with it.

Next year it will be in landfill.
Mauve tree’s will litter the pits, abandoned by people who’s brains were addled by too much deluded Christmas beer cheer and the misguided perception that they are enlightened and “different”.

Grandma mauve is not and will never BE the colour of Christmas!

My heart almost stopped when I spied on the bottom shelf in a store….. plastic easter eggs – for decorating.
Ready and waiting there to move on up the shelf.
Roll up, roll up, the next big consumer EVENT.
Spend spend SPEND….buy, buy BUY, and buy BIG, and throw away, immediately, so you have to buy MORE!
Eat and drink gluttonously…drape your houses in sparkling tacky hideousness. Push the economy to new dizzying heights. Use your card, don’t have a card? HERE is a card for YOU!
Spend…unwisely and freely like the world is coming to an end.
Don’t worry! Be jolly, and fluro…BE fluro. Hey, why can’t Santa wear a fluro ORANGE suit? Doesn’t matter that it’s not tradition.
He can stand on the side of the road leaning on his big yellow sign that says STOP.

Yeah, stop the ride, I want to get off.

I want….the old world.
The place I lived many lives ago.
Gentle on the senses.
Where Christmas was quiet…and lovingly hand stitched and the gift of giving came from the heart, not from keeping up with the Joneses, or a catalogue online.
When tree’s were real and always green, time honored rituals accompanied by true appreciation and gratitude…and love.
The real love, unadorned by plastic glitz.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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4 Responses to Santa Claustrophobia.

  1. I confess I feel the same way you do. I am so sick of the constant pushing of stuff. . .

  2. Miriam E. says:

    well said. it’s hideous what you see out there!
    “Tell me, is Santa wearing shoulder pads this year? I couldn’t see for all the bling surrounding him.”
    what a great line!

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