The beast in the basket

Cane basket
We had to take our dog to the vet as she has been experiencing weakness in her back legs. This is the six year old Sharpei who suddenly went blind a few months ago. Poor thing, she’s been through a rough time. Not long ago she was stung by a bee (we think) and her throat and face swelled up horribly requiring yet another vet visit, and even more recently she had ear infections and went temporarily deaf. More vet visits, more medications…more vet bills. Now this transient weakness in her legs.
The expense is never ending when you have pets. I might sound like I’m complaining. Ok, I am a little bit, because it’s ridiculous how much vets charge- here. We’ve been buying our flea treatments for the animals from Poland, of all places, because even with shipping it’s HALF the price of what we have to pay here. I’m sure their fleas are the same as ours?
But all in all, you pay what you have to pay because that’s what the responsibility of owning a pet is all about. It’s not just all love and cuddles, but of course that’s why we own pets isn’t it?

My husband once (we were car-less at the time) walked five kilometres to take his pet rat to the vet. I don’t think my husband has ever walked five kilometres in his life – for anything, but he did for a rodent.
Rosie the rat….and Stephanie. What kind of names are they for rats?
I had to give the rat injections for a week. It was the first time I’d ever injected any animal, and I ended up putting the needle straight through it’s neck skin, and squirted the contents clean out the other side onto the bench.
Oh the things you do.

At some point though you have to draw the line. I mean, it’s incredibly difficult, but sometimes you have to make decisions.
Depending on what the latest blood tests for our dog show, we may have to make decisions down the track. There is a suspicion that she may have Cushings disease, which in itself is tricky to accurately diagnose, let alone treat. I don’t know. I don’t really want to think about it.

Above all else, I cannot stand to see an animal suffer.
I don’t want to sound insensitive. We’ve spent thousands ourselves in vet bills in the past, but how far do you go though?
The last time we were at the vets a man came in to pick up some medication and when the receptionist rang it up on the till she laughed and said “Oh, I think there’s a mistake it can’t possibly be $500.”
“Um…yes it is.” said the man.
Some kind of cancer drug for their dog?

Today as we sat waiting an elderly couple came in and when the vet nurse/receptionist came through the woman very abruptly asked…
“Did you manage to knock him out?”
“I’m sorry, but we couldn’t get near him.” said the nurse.
“We tried but he just went off and there was nothing we could do.”
This brought a very impatient (and rude, I thought.) “Hummph!” from the woman who immediately started getting all uppity and …well, contrary, is a good word to describe both her manner and tone.
“So he hasn’t even had his vaccination then!” she snapped.
“No, I’m sorry, there was nothing we could do, couldn’t even muzzle him. We couldn’t get near him. Next time he’s going to have to be sedated BEFORE you bring him in for us to put him completely under.”

Whoa…I’m thinking. What sort of an animal needs sedation to BE sedated….just to have their annual vaccination?

“I’ll go get him, ok?” said the nurse.

“Please don’t” I was thinking.
“I don’t want something that ferocious in the same tiny waiting area as my stressed out blind dog.”

As they waited the cranky old woman spat out some words of frustration to her husband, who remained quiet and expressionless the whole time.

The nurse came back moments later with a large cane basket that was ominously silent.
For a moment I kinda did hope they would reveal the beast in the basket so I could see what kind of monster we were dealing with here, just a quick peek at least, but instead the nurse helped the old couple out to the car with the contents of this intriguing basket.

The couple came back and the woman said something about needing more flea treatment which apparently cost $60.
“Should be looking at Poland for that…” I was thinking, because the price made the old woman huff and puff even further, and it made the silent old man suddenly begin shaking uncontrollably as he opened his wallet to pay. (My husband does the same thing.)

Before we got a chance to ask the nurse WHAT on earth was in that basket,(Tasmanian devil perhaps?) a man carrying a small shoe box with holes poked in it came out of the treatment room.
“What’s in there?” asked my husband out loud.
“It’s a bird.” I answered looking at it’s owner who smiled and nodded.
There was no mistaking the tip tip tap of little birds feet inside. What did my husband think it was? A mouse with extremely long toenails?

The bird apparently needed surgery, so the nurse went about booking it in for the next day.

Far out, I thought…
The things we do. Bird surgery is pretty touch and go I imagine.
The lengths we go to for our pets.
The cost of love and cuddles. (That beast in the basket seemed to be more about snarls and bad attitude. A bit like it’s owner.)

But as much as I’m not really complaining here, hey, it’s all worth it and I’d never be without pets.
Nothing like a small furry friend cuddling up in bed next to you, or the happy smiles of dogs who know they’re going on a walk, or birds curiously exploring the Christmas tree.
Life just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Something to make you chuckle…
Check out this video of our dog, when she could see…. She had a “thing” for staring at the flame in the gas heater. For a dog who acted like she had ADHD most of the time this was a miracle for her to be “still”. Kinda like the equivalent of a dog getting stoned.

The flame. from Tracy Lundgren on Vimeo.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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5 Responses to The beast in the basket

  1. sethsnap says:

    Well, I hope your pup has an easier go. When Jackson was a baby, he had many things go wrong. First he was bitten by our other older Female dog two times. Then, he had worms and was very sick for awhile. They didnt know what it was at first. Finally, he had a bit of Pica. He ate everything, including my entire wallet. We had to crate him and watch him like a hawk. We learned very quickly how to make dogs throw-up so we could do it ourselves. After about a year, he’d grown out of it. Now he is trusted anywhere.
    Baylee, though is about 11 now and she is getting old fast. Anyway, I understand about the cost. I am able to get dog insurance at a cheaper rate through my employer. (it’s about $900 a year for both, comes out a bit of each paycheck). It covers some maintenance but mainly we have it in case something really bad happens and we don’t want to be forced to have to consider costs. It would be too hard for us.
    Again, I hope your pup has an easier go of it. Dogs are resilient. 🙂

    • desertrose7 says:

      Your whole wallet? lol! I know about the eating thing. Our male used to eat socks and underwear. Luckily nothing bad ever happened and he did grow out of that, thankfully!
      Now that our dog has gone blind I don’t even know if they would offer us any insurance…and being that both our dogs are Sharpei’s it would probably be ridiculously expensive to get insurance. This breed only lives to about nine or ten 😦
      So far all we know is that her blood sugar levels tested low so we have to repeat that in a few weeks and her ears need more treatment as the inflammation still hasn’t completely cleared up.
      Thanks for the good wishes. She’s a trooper, so lets hope we’ll get to the bottom of it all and be able to give her a few more quality years.

  2. I took my cat to the vet for a skin condition and 5 thousand bucks later my 2 cats had 8 teeth removed and my cat was still bald…. I still don’t know what happened.
    That must have been SOME KIND OF BIRD!!
    And SOME kind of LADY LOL!!!
    I love your husband “WHAT”S IN THERE!!!!” HAHAHAHAHA

    • desertrose7 says:

      Oh my! Five thousand dollars! I shouldn’t complain….yikes, yet as I type I know OUR cat needs to be seen as he has a swelling on his lip that has just appeared. I think it’s from a scuffle with a neighbouring cat. 😦 Always something isn’t there.
      Yeah, my hubby’s something… silly man. 🙂

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