The beauty of summer storms.

I hope this doesn’t seem insensitive to the situation with the terrible storms and situation in New Jersey and New York -of course, my heart goes out to all the people affected over there. Mother nature is both beautiful, and cruel. We should never take her for granted, no matter what.

It’s just that it’s almost summer here and if there’s anything I “like” about summer, it’s the afternoon storms.

Unlike most people I dislike blue skies and sunshine and LIGHT (Everyone in my family calls me a vampire.) I prefer dark brooding skies….spooky and ominous. It’s s gentler light, for a shade dweller such as me.

I love the change that a summer storm brings. You know that “ahhh” moment when all of a sudden the air temperature drops and that delicious cool breeze begins to blow in?
It’s ecstasy!
I especially love when the wind begins to blow in anticipation of that imminent thunderstorm, when it whispers and rustles through the palm tree’s.
And the light! Oh my…it’s just gorgeous!
Those filtered rays of late afternoon sun shining through pockets between purple bruised clouds. The way it hits the tree’s and brightens them up. Just incredibly beautiful.
Everything looks so much greener… and lush. Like you’ve just put magic glasses on.

Yesterday as I sat outside on the veranda enjoying the “ahhh” of the afternoon change coming in, I couldn’t help but be inspired to click a few pictures.

This is the dead tree in the front yard.
I adore this tree. It has so many different “faces” depending on the light, and as I mentioned the other day, when the moon is full it sneaks up behind the branches and is positively MAGIC.
Here is it’s impending storm look.

Here are the palm tree’s I hear rustling from my bedroom window.  Usually I curse them because they’re always making such a mess, but I love the tropical feel of them and the way they look and sound when a storm is coming.

Even the dull old gum tree’s come to life in that magic storm light….

Can’t you just imagine a couple of monkeys swinging through these tropical tree’s? (Pretend you don’t see the wire)

When the Kookaburra’s start up if I close my eyes I really feel like I’m in a jungle somewhere! (There’s enough mozzies about to make it feel like I am.)  I reckon soon the fruit bats will be feasting on those fruits once they ripen up.

Of course, right now where we’re living, my favourite place to walk is along the edge of the lake…So peaceful and calm and the clanging of the boats in the breeze makes it seem even sweeter.  Sometimes in the late afternoon the fish start throwing themselves out of the water. It’s weird. I even googled it to see why they do that. So far I haven’t come up with a totally conclusive answer. (Feel free to let me know if YOU know.)

I never get tired of waiting for sunsets. A fantastic sunset really gets me going. I want to shout it to the world…”Just LOOK at that!”

This one wasn’t as spectacular as I’d hoped…but sitting there, in the tranquility of dusk, the lapping of the water at my feet – the screech of white cockatoo’s noisily flying in the sky behind me, going off to roost for the night…Few moments make me feel as “still”…. and calm that washing machine head of mine.

It is a beautiful thing, to be “still”….Oh shucks, hey I’m getting all spiritual on you here.  The truth is, I AM very spiritual, when I’m not getting all goofy and looking at the amusing side of life, I’m actually a VERY serious person, a seeker…of stillness and answers, and “meaning” to this human existence.

Sometimes I think the real meaning to life is simply to SEE and appreciate the beauty of the world we live in. To feel beautiful things, create beautiful things, sing them, paint them, write them, record and photograph them… Probably to BE them too.

So there you go…Create and share a beautiful thing…Be a beautiful thing today.(every day!) In whatever way you can.

Here’s my contribution….my creation inspired by something I believe is beautiful.

A sudden storm.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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5 Responses to The beauty of summer storms.

  1. Adam S says:

    You need to get some real drums behind this track. I hate electro-beats, and I think your voice deserves so much better. The concept of the song/lyrics, and the sound of your voice are all amazing, and I love the piano piece too. I can hear the potential that a set of acoustic drums would bring to this piece. (power!) I really, really like the vocals — absolutely haunting. Lookin’ forward to more..

  2. desertrose7 says:

    Thanks Adam! Yeah, I know…real drums would be great. You’re not volunteering are ya? 😉
    I have a friend who is a producer….ONE of these days(I keep saying this but never do anything about it) I’d love to enlist his help to create a fully polished album of songs. The thing is with me, once they’re written I kind of get bored with them and stick them away and forget about them for the most part. The thrill is in the creative “process” -getting the idea “out”. It’s a bit like therapy….only cheaper, lol!

    • Adam S says:

      For some reason I don’t get notifications on comment replies every once in awhile!? Anyway, I would definitely record tracks for you if I had the means. God that would be so cool. I’ve never dabbled in anything “pop” before, but always wanted to. Don’t stick this one away — I dig it. You need to get on it as far as finding a drummer/band goes — this song in particular would sound so much bigger and fuller — it would bring everything up to your vocal “level”. Keep posting stuff!

  3. The Landy says:

    I’m with you for sure. I love watching afternoon storms roll in. I might be standing in the shed, watching the rain come, it is over quickly, and the air is refreshed…

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