Be still -my leg.

Too tired to find a free picture.

Imagine a leg -here.


I have this thing that happens when I’m trying to fall sleep. (I’m not talking about my husband.)
It’s a deep internal twitch in one leg that occurs just at the moment of falling asleep.
Kind of like when you have one of those dreams and you wake up with a jolt, except the jolt is just in one leg. My left leg.
It happens again and again and again….sometimes for hours.
I am exhausted. All I want is to fall asleep but my damn leg keeps twitching about like a Mexican jumping bean.
It’s like having Tourette’s in one limb.
It makes me shout obscenities too, particularly at 3 am when my eyes are hanging out of my head, completely exhausted and at my wits end.

I’ve taken to the couch these past few nights.
It’s leather and therefore cool.
My twitchy leg seems to prefer cool because I’ve noticed that if I ever go to bed with socks on the twitching increases dramatically.

I’ve tried everything. Massaging my leg, beating my fists upon my leg, sticking my leg out from the covers hanging it out over the edge of the bed (or couch) so that the blood runs down into it.
I’ve flung it up high over the backrest of the couch (elegant) stuck it between the couch cushions to squeeze it still, banged my foot on the floor…. Bent it, jiggled it, contorted it into a million different positions!
It’s like it has a mind of it’s own this leg and all it wants to do is torment me every single night.

Ok, so for those of you who KNOW what I’m talking about….yes, it’s called RLS – Restless Legs Syndrome, or in my case Restless LEG Syndrome.
Can it get any more bizarre than that?
And I thought being diagnosed with Geographic tongue was bad enough. (Why are all my body parts on the move?)

I’m perimenopausal so I’m blaming hormones.
Really they don’t know what causes it though and so far there is very little treatment available.
Magnesium helps. (If it spasms – feed it magnesium.)

I wish I could just take it off, at night. Set the offensive leg on the floor beside the bed and let it twitch the night away to it’s hearts content.
It would amuse the cat anyway.

I’m chronically tired these days.
It’s ugly.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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