Not of this world.

I’m 44 years old and I don’t own a cell phone. (Or mobile phone as we call them here in Australia.)
It’s not that I’m not mobile. Well, I don’t drive a car either.
No, I’m not Amish, or whatever the Australian equivalent is.
Old fashioned –ish?
Yep, that’s me.
(Technologically spastic is what my husband affectionately calls me.)
I don’t like using machines. Ticket machines, ATMS, self serve check out stations in supermarkets.
I get flustered and flummoxed by all these new fandangle ways.

I catch buses and trains and I used to really enjoy that because I’d meet the most fascinating people while catching public transport.
I’m a “weirdo magnet” see.
I must have that kind of face that says “Welcome all ye who are truly odd”

I don’t mind though.
It’s interesting talking to people that you ordinarily wouldn’t have conversations with within your normal circle of friends and acquaintances.
I’ve chatted with strippers, drug addicts, homeless people, elderly people, lonely people.
In fact they’re probably all a bit lonely.
Sometimes the connections you make with people don’t need to last for years.
As we walk, or as the case may be, ride together through this thing called life sometimes an hour on the train is all you need while someone pours their heart out to you.

I’m finding these days though the experience is not the same and it saddens me.
People are shutting themselves off from each other because of things like mobile phones and laptops, ipods and e readers…and whatever else there is out there to distract them from LIFE.
It’s a world of text messages, LIKE buttons and short one sentence quips that bring us all “together”.

Now *I* feel lonely.
Oh I can always listen in to peoples one sided phone conversations (that’s always fun) or I can just sit and stare out the window and think.

I feel alone and out of place the older I get.
“Not of this world.”

At home we have a total (at last count) of thirteen remote controls.
My husband’s home office has four computer screens. I have no idea why. He’s only got one set of eyes, and they’re not working so well these days.
The teenage kids share a computer but my 16 year old daughter has her own laptop for doing all her photography work on.

Recently my husband bought ME a laptop. I’m not sure why because I can’t work out how to use the silly inbuilt mouse thing so he’s connected me up with a normal keyboard and mouse which means I can’t really use it on my lap anyway.

All these screens….all these gadgets I don’t know how to work.
I have trouble working the remote for the garage door!

Forgive me while I lament a bit in my old fashioned-ness but I MISS how things used to be.

I miss weird people.
They’ve all got cell phones now or are connected together in their weirdness on facebook.
They don’t need me anymore.

I recall one very early morning, years ago, waiting for a train at central station, in the days when I used to smoke and when you could smoke on underground train platforms.
A disheveled crazy looking homeless man marched up to me and said …
“Give me a cigarette. Countdown starting NOW. Ten….nine…..eight….”

Those were the days, when weird people could frighten you into fumbling through your handbag to give them a fag QUICKLY, wondering all the while what happens at the end of the countdown. (Pretty ingenious ploy really.)

Yep, those were the days.
When you KNEW who the crazy’s were.
Now we sit in “quiet” carriages where nobody speaks to the person next to them but everyone is talking to “someone” through electronic means.
And we call this “social networking” 🙂

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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