Absolutely hideous!

Let me start by first saying that I’m no fashion expert.
I don’t follow trends, don’t read women’s magazines.
I’m a bit eclectic in what I wear.
Comfort comes first and I don’t like my arms so I try to avoid that awful “not really a sleeve” sleeve that cuts you off at the widest part of a not so slim arm.

If fashion is to be used as a personal statement about who you are I think I tend to go for the more carefree hippy look with long flowy pants or skirts and lots of bangles and dangly earrings. Nothing too outrageous but subtly feminine.
Basically my thoughts are that women should dress for their shape and size and ignore what current trends are being shoved in their faces.
This can be difficult when you start looking around at what is available.

I just finished fixing a top I’d bought only because it had “potential”.
Everything was normal about it except for the sleeves, which looked as though they had been sewn in upside down. Long at the elbow and short at the top of the arm. (Nice.)
With some slicing and dicing I managed to make the sleeves look as they should…not like some kind of apprentice seamstress’s mistake.

This is how I go clothes shopping these days, looking for items that have “potential”.

We wandered round the shops yesterday and as always I was horrified to see the mix of garish computer generated “abstract art painting” prints amidst the sea of sickly pastel apricots and whatever that nasty shade of pale green is called.
It’s as though whoever is in charge of fashion these days (for about the last decade) can’t quite make up their minds.

Shall we offer the general public “hideous” or “absolutely hideous” this season?

I think there is some kind of experiment going on and one day we’ll all see pictures of ourselves on TV with those responsible for this revolting revolution of hideousness guffawing loudly, hands over their mouths in hysterical laughter at consumer stupidity.
The experiment is called “Just how ridiculous can we make the general public look!”

Maybe I’m getting old but when you stand and stare at an article of clothing thinking “How does this work then?” it’s a sad state of affairs.

Not long ago it seemed the “in thing” were these skirts (I think actually they’re still around.) with hems that come to just above the knee in the front and down to the ankle at the back.
What the?
It’s like fashion designers can’t reach a decision about hem length.
What the hell…We’ll combine short and long in the same skirt!
Yeah, that makes sense.
Perfect for showing off ugly knees.
Perhaps the seamstresses are all on crack?
Somebody’s on crack.

I had to put my sunglasses on in several stores because I was blinded by the NEON FLURO clothing which to my dismay seems to be very much in vogue this summer. (For God’s sake let the 80’s die in humiliated peace!)

Who wants to look like a council worker? I mean, isn’t that what they wear so that someone won’t accidentally run over them?
If I wanted to look like a lollipop lady I’d buy a stop sign.

Ok, so those stores….stores like “Supre” which I call “sluts way” are all for the pubescent don’t know any better crowd.
Maybe they like looking like some kind of radioactive experiment gone wrong?
Everything screams CHEAP and I don’t just mean slutty cheap….the fabric itself is so synthetic and nasty that you wonder whether it’s even washable. At $5 a piece, well you could afford to think of it as disposable.

Shockingly fluorescent and alarmingly striped is how we’ll all look this summer.
Just like pedestrian crossings with lollipop ladies.
Maybe with some frantic florals (floral denim jeans? Be still my heart!) thrown in for good measure, just to remind us of our femininity.

I never fail to get a good dose of disgust when I go shopping.
Thank God I’ve got a sewing machine.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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2 Responses to Absolutely hideous!

  1. I laughed all the way through! Not at you, but because I could relate so much! I’ve had many “what the hell” moments lately while trying to buy clothes after losing weight. 🙂

  2. desertrose7 says:

    Glad I’m not alone. I walk around the shops muttering to myself in disbelief.

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