The other day I lay under a glorious tree.
It was glorious because it shaded me from the hot sun.
I even thanked the tree for it’s gloriousness.
“Thank you glorious tree for shading me!”  I said, and my children rolled their eyes.
“Dad, she’s talking to nature again.”
But as I lay there I began to notice something.
A strange thing.
A thing I have never noticed before.
My FACE……how can I explain this….
Have you ever been on a ride called the “Rotar” ?
You may have and it was called something else, but basically it’s like a big version of the inside of your washing machine.
You get in, they turn it on and put you on spin cycle, and as you spin faster and faster and faster in sickening circles, your face wants to be where your ears are.
People throw up on that ride a lot, and if it’s YOU wanting to throw up and you’re not careful enough to turn your head to the side it flies back and hit’s you smack in the eyes.
Well, lying there under the tree I was reminded a little of the Rotar because I could kinda feel my face wanting to be where my ears are.
I looked down and realized that my breasts, if not for the constraints of my bikini top, were wanting to be where my armpits are.
In short, I felt like everything was melting and slipping and sliding on my skeleton and that is the first time I have really been so keenly aware of that and it made me feel very uneasy.
So uneasy in fact that I considered going and fetching a pillow so my face would sit back properly on my skull.
I wondered if in a few years time, when things get even saggier whether I will begin to look not like I am taking a ride on the Rotar, but more like one of those astronauts in the making who have to sit in those test flight simulators where their faces end up BEHIND their ears.
What will THAT look like to my husband when we are making love?
As my cheeks pull my mouth back in that grotesque manner will I look like I am perpetually grinning?
Gravity hey.
The thing that keeps us stuck on this earth like flies to flypaper.
The thing that when lying under glorious tree’s makes you realize that you’re getting old.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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