True humanity.


True humanity is quiet.
The essence of it does not receive or even need social media, reporters or worldwide coverage because it is simply there. Spontaneous and selfless.
Often it is intimate. Something shared between two people. (Or man and creature) 
It is humble.
Almost invisible.
It doesn’t need to scream. “Look at me! Look at me, how wonderful I am!”
It instead thrives totally within the soul.
It involves no guilt or “shoulds” nor promise of medals or reward. No public display, or memorial.
It asks for nothing.
It simply “is”.

Wheels are rollin’……


YES! We’ve got a house!
We move in next weekend.
Oh my….all that stress, all that pain….but we’re ok now.
I hope anyway.

Who would have thought that in this day and age – in Australia that there would be some question as to whether or not you can get internet connection in a house you are thinking of moving to?Well, both Telstra and Optus (phone providers here) cannot tell us for SURE what sort of internet connection to expect.
I mean come on! What century are we living in?

So it is with a bit of anxiety that we await our fate….
We won’t know until the phone gets connected AFTER we move in!

So…if I suddenly disappear completely off the face of the internet….it could be because I am curled up in a corner in the new house, sucking my thumb, being driven insane by the fact that I can no longer google….or blog….or waste my time on facebook……

Putting it out of my mind for now as we get REALLY busy now….

But before I go…
First of all, to the few loyal followers who always pay me the courtesy of popping in and leaving a comment or like, even when I don’t on their blog because I have become so slack lately….Please have a safe and HAPPY Christmas with your loved ones. May next year bring you blessings, and joy and all things GOOD!

And I’ll end this on a magical note….because I believe there was a bit of magic involved in getting us this house actually ;)

I’m so happy with this photo.
I envisioned something like this and Shai has done it justice with her editing!
I made the headpiece from a fallen palm “thingy” and knew at the time exactly the sort of scene I wanted to create.
Couldn’t have done it myself but Shai “knows” what’s in my head.

“Forest knowing” as a title perhaps?

Shai mystical owl

Clowning around…..while we wait.


Still haven’t found the right house to move to…and Christmas is nearly here.
I am so depressed, so pissed off, so irritable, so hormonal, so bored, so……everything.

To stop from going crazy I have been going through old photo’s and working on my editing.

Here’s some clown shots I enjoyed taking – yes it’s my daughter Shai…of course, who else. She loves this creepy stuff as much as I do.

I hope you’re all having festive fun amongst yourselves out there in blogland.

Clown hands  2 small

Shai CLOWN face 2  small

Shai clown black and white 2  small

Real estates and property managers are giving me the shits!


Ok, so I HAVE to vent about this because I am just fed up to my eyeballs with real estate agents and the whole rental market at the moment.

We are looking for a house to rent – have been for two months solid and this time it has been the most exhausting, frustrating and stressful experience we have ever gone through. Having Christmas right on our doorstep makes it even suckier, and for that reason, well for us Christmas is a rather depressing non event this year. Bah humbug!

There are just SO many more people out there looking to rent- more than I have ever seen…surprisingly in our middle age- age group too. Not just young couples or families but much much older people. Decent respectable looking folk, all looking just as miserable as we do when we turn up at an “open house” to have the real estate arrive late….or sometimes not even at all, to escort throngs of people through sometimes disgustingly filthy homes that haven’t even been cleaned yet by disgustingly filthy tenants. And I’m not just talking about a bit of dust and a few dirty marks here and there….I’m talking carpets that look like someone had a poop attack on them and walls that are scratched, dinted and covered in years of grime.
Homes that are falling apart in some cases and yet they are asking for rents of $500 a week and above….and people are taking applications on these!
Houses are coming up and applications approved in a matter of a day or two!
It’s unbelievable.

We have twice so far gone to view a house, – valuable time taken off work by my husband – at specified times instructed on the website only to have property managers not turn up, or as in the last case, to stand around waiting, with others – eventually phoning them up to be told that the house has already been leased.

It’s appalling treatment for those of who are desperately seeking a new home to be stuffed around like this and insulted by being shown properties that are subpar at best, unclean and ludicrously overpriced.

What is pissing me off more than anything else is the waste of time it is looking at photographs the real estate agents take of properties.

For a start the new trend is to use some kind of fancy long angled lens that completely distorts the dimensions of the room making it appear much longer – ‘spacious” I guess in their sneaky minds, to try and trick prospective tenants.
This again is an insult. We may be renters but we are not morons.
We KNOW they are lying and far from making the property appear more appealing it is simply off putting.
The only way you can actually feel better about taking time out of your busy schedule to go and view them is to take some serious drugs in order to have the rooms look vaguely like they appear in the photographs.
Bring on the magic mushrooms would ya!

Here is an example…and this is a house we are going to look at tomorrow.
I am going to ask them where the dwarves are because surely only a family of midgets could sit at that dining table.


And how about this one…What about that for a new shower cubicle shape?
I don’t even know what you would call it? A rectangular trapezoid? The latest design when it comes to showers apparently. And for skinny people only. You have to shower with your back pressed firmly to the wall.


I mean seriously. Since when are bathtubs seven foot long and three inches wide.

And then you get houses advertised with huge rents and all they have is one photo. Mostly just of the outside of the house. I’ve seen the same picture put up twice but one being totally overexposed while the other is blurred.
The best one so far though is one I keep seeing where the asking rent is $600 a week. That’s nothing to sniff at hey…a lot of money to pay in rent and the ONLY photo they have up is of the oven.
I kid you not….and it’s not even a NICE oven.
Here is the photo.

What do you make of that then?
Does it fill you with excitement? Make you want to drop everything right now and race off to view the house?

I’m just fed up with it all.
I feel like burning all our worldly goods and taking off in the camper trailer.
I’ll live in a forest. Bathe in a stream, grow dreadlocks, dance around the fire naked, give the finger to these real estate agents and shun society all together.

The wind.


When I was a little girl growing up in Africa I would sometimes on windy days, stand in the vegetable garden at the back of my grandparents property with my arms outstretched towards the sky and command in my most awesomely powerful voice- “I command you….the wind….to blow!” And of course, given a few seconds a nice gust of wind would blow up, the leaves in the tree’s would whisper and shimmy and I would close my eyes and feel the magic course through my veins, for I was “the most mystical one” who ruled the forces of nature.
I could do anything then because I had the power.

Thirty six years later as I walk down the street late at night after a forty degree day, and feel the bliss of a southerly change…Feel the cool air on my skin, ruffling my hair, hear the shusshing of the leaves and experience the palpable energy in the air…The magical energy…
I am once more filled with a similar feeling and a sudden realisation.

I can do anything…because I have the power.

The perfect night.


If someone had asked her “Do you believe in magic?” she would not have hesitated to say “Yes, I do.”- but not necessarily THEIR magic.
Not the magic of wands and fairies, elves and goblins. Not red silk scarves and doves pulled from a hat.

She knew, had always known, from the age of six or seven that there is magic out there.
It exists in the whispers of the leaves in tree’s, in the caress of the wind, in the seductive dance of the ocean. It floats high in the clouds, shimmers on a blue moonlit night and throbs in the pungent earth deep in a dappled forest.

Not everybody knew or understood her kind of magic.
She suspected that only a few could perceive it let alone draw it in. Connect to it like some unseen umbilicus and feed from it.
But she did.

It was the perfect night.
To walk.
The hint of jasmine floated on a cool breeze.
A dark velvet night. Tiny slither of silver moon.
The tinkling of wind chimes and the silhouette of a cat illuminated from the second floor of an open bedroom window.
The hunger stirred.

The magic thrummed.
She felt it not with her skin, saw it not with her eyes. It had no recognizable scent or taste, of its own and made no sound, but she heard, saw, felt, smelled and tasted it, perhaps with her soul or wherever that special place is that those who can – do.

It made her stop.
There in front of the trees.
The darkness between the trees called to her eyes.
All at once there was fear and wonder as the shadows began to shift between the ghostly trunks.
The tangle of bushes and branches hiding, disguising, yet teasingly revealing tantalising glimpses of those who dwell within the shadowed world of nights such as these.
A tumble of emotions, joy elation ,fear, intrigue and wonder.
She felt hunger, and relief, together.
The inexplicable exchange.
It breathed and she inhaled.

It was….the perfect night.

Hot sweaty flash of misery.


I don’t understand how women going through perimenopause and those who are menopausal, yet still in the throes of this God awful thing are not beating their doctors over the head with a blunt instrument.
Honestly, how women going through the “change” are not locked up in an insane asylum or in jail , I don’t know, because I for one right now feel like I have entered hell.

For the past two weeks I have been experiencing constant hot flushes and night sweats and it is driving me to absolute distraction! I don’t know whether I’m just a wuss or that other women are just silent martyrs but this SUCKS and I am not ashamed to bitch and moan about it.

Bloody men! They have it SO damn good!

Maybe this is what the”secret womens business” of the Aboriginal people is all about? They get together and bitch,moan,weep and sweat together?

Each night I go to bed, dressed as lightly as possible, no matter the temperature and all night long I am stripping everything off, turning the fan on, getting up and getting a big drink because for some reason for me these hot flushes come with an insatiable thirst…Then I doze, until I feel freezing cold, so on go the covers and I curl up in a ball….doze….and then I’m freaking stinking hot and sweating and throwing everything off and THIRSTY again….repeat the same except this time my bladder wakes me up. Jesus Christ! How exasperating and exhausting!

We are due to go on a cruise next week – to the South Pacific islands again, and I am dreading it.
Already I am rearranging furniture in the cabin in my mind because there is no WAY I can sleep in the same bed as hubby (We sleep separately at home now) because as well as all his snoring, farting, chewing, talking, stealing the covers etc…he radiates this insanely hot body heat which WILL make me spontaneously combust when combined with my own.

I’m even contemplating taking a little spray bottle to douse myself in during the night seeing as there won’t be the luxury of a ceiling fan with remote. (Oh how I will miss THAT!) (If he snores too loudly too I’ll just give him a good squirt!)

I considered smuggling on my own fan to put on the bedside table, but I doubt they would allow me to bring it onboard. :(
Seriously guys, I am desperate.
We will be having a cabin with doors that can open apparently but you can’t actually go out on the balcony…or maybe you can but it’s tiny and the lifeboats are right there. That’s ok, I don’t give a toss about the view… I just want good clean COLD air!
Geez…if hubby’s snoring gets to me and if I get hot and desperate enough I’ll climb into the damn lifeboat for the night!
Sneak up to the top deck and sleep in the pool? Maybe I’ll bring my own pool noodle so I don’t drown.

Even as I type the heat radiating from my laptop is causing another hot sweaty flash of misery.
Drinking a cup of tea makes me break out in a sweat!
Hot spicy food….alcohol….it all makes me BURN baby BURN!
This is INSANITY!!!!!

I do have a suspicion though that it is not only perimenopause but I feel slightly hyperthyroid too.
Oh this is lovely….going through the change as well as having a misbehaving thyroid!

Have I moaned enough?